Tips to help you adjust to a new routine when traveling

Travel routine

When you’re looking forward to traveling and exploring, and then suddenly find yourself out of that ordinary routine, you can feel a little overwhelmed and struggle to adapt to your new found freedom.

After all, planning and preparation are essential to any trip. Breaking the norm to some people is refreshing and exciting, but for others, it is a time for stress and anxiety. Routine is something we are all accustomed to, and it gives us a sense of control over our lives.

Here’s how to adjust to your new routine when travelling to make the most of it.

Prepare your Body Clock

Jet lag is the biggest problem for many travelers, as it eats at your time and makes you less enthused about exploring and more enthused about going to bed. Preparing early and starting the adjustment before you leave will help your travels get started with the energy it needs. Start to switch your sleeping pattern a few days before traveling, and don’t let jet lag ruin your travels.

Embrace the Change

It’s certainly easier said than done, but try to embrace the change and fight the urge to settle back into your usual routine. Change your mindset on how you’re going to adjust, rather than wondering how on earth you’re going to survive without your overnight oats at 7:30 am. Think about how you’ll be trying new foods and maybe getting an extra hour in bed. Or, maybe you’ll be climbing a mountain to watch the sunrise. Whatever you’ll be doing, be excited about it and let go of the anxiety of change.

Plan Ahead

There are some things that you really won’t be able to live without while traveling. Do some research and organize your days so that those things you need to do can be done with ease. For example, if you’re religious, then look into the local churches located in the country you’re visiting, and see if you can practice your faith. While many are open to all religions, such as the Washington National Cathedral, some may not be, and so you need to know this beforehand.

Write it down

Journaling is a great way to track habits and keep a note of everything you’re doing. You can set this up however suits you best, like a diary, bullet journal or scrapbook. Writing all of these down helps you keep track of your new routine and track your progress as well. It’s also great fun going back through and reading about your experiences so you can relive them again. Consider including sensory references, so that your words will transport you to that time when you read them back.

Adjusting to a new routine will take time and persistence. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be okay with it straight away. Allow yourself those few essential home comforts to make the most of your traveling and most importantly enjoy yourself!

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