Tips on Planning an Exotic Honeymoon in Tahiti

The honeymoon most people only dream about. . .

You may have seen it in an old movie like South Pacific. You know the scene, a passionate kiss while lying in the sand as the waves gently lap against you. Names like Tahiti and Bora Bora and some names you might not know like Rangiroa and Fakarava and my personal favorite Tikehau. These are the islands that honeymooners dream about. Well wake up and start planning and here are some tips to get you started.

Looking for more on honyemoons? Forget Bora Bora, Have a Real Honeymoon in Tikehau, French Polynesia!

Beach in TahitiFind a Tahitian specialist. The Tahiti tourism organization certifies travel professionals who are passionate about the destination by requiring them to complete extensive educational components, visitation to at least two islands and sales requirements before they are deemed Tahiti experts or the official name Tiare Agents. These knowledgeable professionals can help you plan the exotic honeymoon of your dreams.

Apply for your passport early to avoid any stress related to travel documentation. Most major post office locations have passport applications, picture taking and processing capabilities.

Become friends with your Tahiti expert and share your wildest desires. They will be able to fulfill most reasonable requests and many of the exotic requests as well. Tell them about your desire to be on a deserted island with only provisions for the day. They can do that. Tell them about your wish to be a Tahitian queen and have a Tahitian ceremony. They can do that but get married in the United States first because Tahitian wedding ceremonies are not legally binding in the U.S.

Know the seasons. While most people don’t plan their wedding around their honeymoon you should be aware that there are two season in Tahiti, a dry season and a humid season with average temperatures around 79 degrees. The dry season takes place between April and October with July and August being the coolest months of the year. A light article of clothing will often be enjoyable in the evening (or early in the morning). The humid season starts in November and ends in March. During that season, tropical storms may occur however this is a rare occurrence.

Arrange a demonstration and participation of the preparation of fish in coconut milk. The taste is out of this world and you can revel in the knowledge that you helped prepare it.

Bungalows over the waterWhat to Expect on your Honeymoon in Tahiti . . .

Tahiti has a very nice property for most budgets from the pensions to the over the top spa resorts with marble floors in the lobby and over the water bungalows with direct views of the awe inspiring sunrises and sunsets.

Experience a honeymoon different than any other place in the world with the warm friendly Tahitian people, air so sweet with fragrance you could almost eat it and unique experiences like:

  • Tahitian TV: Tahiti was the inventor of the Tahitian TV (a glass floor from where you can watch your ocean friends swim by and greet you), which is featured in most over the water bungalows.
  • Breakfast delivered by canoe to your over the water bungalow as you dine on your private deck while the gentle waves lap under you.
  • A private motu picnic on your own motu (small flat body of land surrounded by water).
  • A visit to a vanilla farm where the plants are hand pollinated by dedicated farmers who love their vocation.
  • Your Tiare Agent will help you plan the exotic honeymoon of your dreams so wake up and give them a call and start living the Tahiti dream.


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