Top 10 reasons to visit Europe this winter

It’s no secret that winter in Europe is stunning and the key to ensuring the most memorable experience is to let the best people plan your trip.  

Contiki Vacations, the worldwide leader in unique travel packages for 18 to 35-year-olds, wants you to experience it firsthand.  Here are several reasons why you should jump out of hibernation and head to Europe on a Contiki tour this winter, along with a few tour suggestions!

Top 10 reasons to visit Europe this winter


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Mona Lisa

1) Summer crowds are gone.  Fewer tourists mean you will get to experience cities as the locals do.  No standing in long lines to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris, or the Roman Forum and Colosseum in Rome.  You can experience the best sights and sounds of Europe during the 14 day-long European Discovery tour.

2) Authentic experiences.  You can’t get more authentic than the Christmas markets, festivals and carnivals that take place all around Denmark, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

3) Top class entertainment.  Opera, theater, and symphony seasons are in full effect.

4) Adventures in the snow.  For winter sports enthusiasts, it is prime snow season! Contiki offers seven and 14 day vacation packages to Hopfgarten, Austria where you can ski, snowboard, ice skate or take a sleigh ride through the beautiful countryside.  Contiki’s Ski Austria vacation packages start at $485 a week.

5) Hofbräuhaus.  So, you couldn’t make it to Oktoberfest, but you can still enjoy the beer, the food and the Bavarian oompah band.  Munich is one of the many exciting stops on Contiki’s European Inspiration tour.

Munich6) Spanish beauty comes alive.  Spain comes alive in September.  From Barcelona, to Madrid, to Seville, winter is the best time for shopping and exploring.  If you’re looking to get a little spicy this winter, check out Contiki’s Spanish Spree tour.

7) Time to beak tradition.  Dick Clark will be around for a few more years, so why not party it up with the locals in Dam Square in Amsterdam for New Year’s Eve!?  It is as big a celebration as Times Square in New York with the addition of fireworks.

8) A little romance.  Paris on Valentines Day- how much more romantic can you get!?

9) Shop until you drop.  Italy is always top of mind when it comes to shopping.  Milan is world renowned for design and fashion, and the entire area surrounding the famous Spanish Steps in Rome is a shopper’s dream come true. If it is shopping you want to do, then the Simply Italy tour is for you.

10) Incredible value this winter.  Not only are there 20 diverse itineraries ranging from 6-26 day trips by Contiki this winter, but you can great some great deals if you book early.  Visit for details and pricing specials!

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