Top five canyon hikes in the US

Canyon hiking is an exciting and thrilling experience. The canyons are full of surprising landscape and natural beauty. Many ardent hikers enjoy exploring the canyons more than anything else. For them it is not a form of traveling but a unique adventure. There are many splendid canyon hikes in the US, which you should explore to enjoy wonderful natural scenery. Canyon hiking is a challenging experience. For successful hiking, you will need physical fitness but even teens and physically disabled individuals enjoy the beauty of canyon hikes. In the following, Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team listed five of the best canyon hikes of the US to help you choose one for your next weekend trip.


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming:

The Yellowstone National Park is located in the northwestern parts of Wyoming. It is like a wonderland for novice hikers. The natural beauty of this place and the varied sceneries are exceptional. The part of the Grand Canyon located in the Yellowstone National Park is 20 miles long and 1,000 foot deep. It is a river canyon and at the same time, it is a thermal area. There was a time when this area used to be covered with rhyolite lava flows. The major attraction of this place is the Uncle Tom’s Trail. Tom Richardson had built it in the year 1898. He used rope ladders and stairs for building this trail that leads to the bottom of the waterfall.

 Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah:

People enjoy canyon hikes that are both beautiful and tough to conquer. The Zion National Park located in Southern parts of Utah is a challenging yet exquisitely beautiful canyon hike that you should visit. Start from the Grotto picnic area and follow the trail that is close to the Virgin River. The slopes of the hills are full of lovely Junipers. Walter’s Wiggles is a narrow 21 steps high staircase like structure that hikers find very challenging. The view from the top is magnificent to say the least.

 Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona:

Canyon de Chelly National Monument is located in Navajo Nation. It is a magnificent place for hikers with more than hundred different trails for exploring. You can spend days here savoring the beauty of the surroundings. The natives reside in some parts of the canyon. Some trails are very steep and tricky. You should take the help of local guides for conquering them. One of the common hikes starts from Bare Trail and ends at the Canyon de Chelly.

 Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Colorado:

The depth of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park in Colorado at the deepest point is an approximate 2,722 feet. This part of the world does not get much sunlight and most of it is made of dark schist stones. It will take some serious hiking skills for reaching the canyon. When you attempt to return you will find the trail to be even more challenging. The North Vista Trail, which will require you to cover 7.2 miles, is the most popular one.

 Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Arizona:

This is a tough canyon hike and to conquer it you must be able to climb, swim and rappel whenever needed. The head of the trail is located at Lees Ferry Access Road of Arizona. The total hike is only 3miles long. Natural elements have eroded limestone and sandstone cliffs and formed bizarre arches, muddy pools, alcoves and overhangs.


The canyon hikes of the US offer beautiful sceneries, adventure and thrill to the hikers. Ardent hikers find the narrow trails challenging and exciting.

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