Top Places To Enjoy The Ocean This Winter

Winter is officially here. As the days become increasingly dark and frigid, many people will be planning a getaway, either during the holidays or afterward in the doldrums of later winter. Heading toward the equator is scientifically proven to be your best bet for warmth, sun and sand. There is a warm body of water waiting for you to swim or sail in this winter and below are some locations right around the equator to maximize your winter vacation!




This nation sits directly on the equator (hence the name). It is known as the country with the most biodiversity in the world. The highest active volcano in the world, Cotopaxi, lives in Ecuador. Ecuador is the mainland of the infamous Galapagos Islands where many fascinating discoveries that have led to the origins of mankind have been found. The Galapagos would be a must see in Ecuador for the wildlife and plant species. The Cuyabeno Wild Life Reserve is a place to see the Amazon Rainforest in this country. Ecuador’s position on the equator ensures you will encounter mild climate all year long for your visit.


The Yucatan Peninsula



This area of the world is a gem. You can fly into Cancun, rent a car, and go anywhere in the region you want. The most highly recommended places to see in this area are the Mayan Ruins in Tulum that sit on cliffs above Caribbean waves that crash onto a beach below. The town of Playa Del Carmen is a great little beach town to have some fun, you can even road trip all the way out the the very tip of the Yucatan to the fishing village of Punta Allen and do some tropical bone fishing, surfing and enjoy warm nights with delicious mexican food and drink. Then you can crash into your cabana bed with mosquito-net covering.


St. Croix


This is another Caribbean destination that is different than the Yucatan in Mexico because it is an island, not to mention it is United States territory. The best way to get to paradise is via yacht charter, and sailing to St. Croix is almost as divine as being on the island itself. Your can explore the tiny Danish port and settlement of Christiansted. This island has wonderful ecotourism opportunities including a National Park  and Buck Island Reef National Monument. A well-known place for tourists to enjoy fine dining is the Buccaneer Resort, a historically preserved hotel right on the beach with golfing, tennis and nightlife.


The Bahamas


The Bahamas are a great choice because of how close they are to the United States. This area has tons of islands to discover and chartering a catamaran for the day is an excellent way to see them. You can snorkel at Rose Island. The best place to begin your trip is Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. This city has exciting day and night activities as well as a unique cultural history that you can learn about while taking in this gorgeous tropical island and its colonial architecture. Paradise Island has a casino if you are looking for a little action, and for the more peaceful times you can enjoy the Versailles Garden.


If you decide to take a voyage to any of these beautiful areas you will not regret it. Make a special memory this winter by going to an exquisite place with someone you love, or on a solo adventure of a lifetime!


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