Top private museums in China that you should visit

China is a vast country with a very rich cultural heritage. Their oriental culture seems exotic to the foreigners and they throng to the different Chinese museums to see the relics from the past. Many different dynasties have reigned in China and left souvenirs from the past for the present generation. There is more than one wonderful private museum in China.

Many of these private museums keep only a special type of object and some have unique and engrossing themes. Collectors and connoisseurs from several countries come to China only to visit the private museums. You too can go to some of the best private Chinese museums if you have a knack for antique objects. In the following, we have provided a list of five of the most amazing private museums in China.

 Huayun Museum

Huayun Museum:

Built in Tianjin, the Huayun Museum is the first private museum ever. The famous author Feng Jical referred to this museum as the “edible museum”. The reason behind such an interesting and weird name is that this museum has been built inside a Cantonese restaurant. The proprietor of the Cantonese Restaurant Zhang Lianzhi established three different museums inside his restaurant and kept his own collection of 3,000 different objects inside the museum. You will find stone cravings, stone tablets and bronze wires inside the Huayun Museum. In the Juanzhen Museum, you will get acquainted with the furniture of Ming and Qing dynasty.

 China Rosewood Museumdw

China Rosewood Museum:

Chen Lihua established the China Rosewood Museum. Chen Lihua is the founder of the renowned Fu Wah Group who spent 200 million RMB on this museum that was opened to the public in the year 1999. This museum is special because it displays 1,000 unique artifacts made of red rosewood. There are also replicas of the Palace Museum and the quadrangle dwellings found in Beijing. You may also enjoy watching the production procedure of traditional Chinese furniture pieces.

 Jinquan Coin Museum

Jinquan Coin Museum:

The Jinquan Coin Museum has the prestigious membership of the International Council of Museums. This museum focuses entirely on antique and rare coins. In 2002, the first Jinquan Coin Museum was built in Xi’an. Later three more branches were built in Beijing, Sanghai and Xiamen. The branches have special characteristics. The Beijing branch has a very vast collection of coins. You will find more than 6,000 different types of coin here.

 Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization

Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization:

The location of the Museum of ancient Pottery Civilization has helped in creating a nice image for it. It has been built close to the Beijing Da-Guan Garden. The specialty of this museum is pottery culture. You will find hundreds of pottery relics from the Neolithic age in this museum. There is also works by the potters of Zhou, Qin and Han dynasties.

 Jianchuan Museum Cluster

Jianchuan Museum Cluster:

The Jianchuan Museum Cluster is the biggest museum cluster of China. It is located in Chengdu City of Dayi County. The museum features two theme squares and 25 museums built by renowned domestic as well as international architects. There are 10 million different types of relics in this museum cluster. You will also find some great Anti- Japanese War relics. Another old object of interest that tourists come to see is the golden lotuses.


The private Chinese museums hold many different types of objects of interest. The relics and artifacts belong to different periods of Chinese history. People visit these museums to learn more about the ancient dynasties.

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