Top six Places for Primitive Dinosaur Entertainment

When we think about the ancient animal Dinosaur, we fantasize about exploring a dinosaur-owned property. Fortunately, several dinosaur parks provide us with an opportunity to have a look at the carcasses of dinosaurs. The replicas of prehistoric gigantic animal have long attracted the imagination of people. The huge fossil collections and cast skeletons of these beasts successfully capture our attention. The first dinosaur park Dinosaur Court was inaugurated in 1884 at Crystal Palace Park in London, which flaunts numerous sculptures of extinct animals.


There is no place better than an outdoor dinosaur park for a dinosaur enthusiast. We can find such parks in almost every country across the globe. Following is a list of seven most appealing dinosaur parks:

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  • Dinosaur World leads the present list, being a chain of three outdoor dinosaur theme parks in the US. The Florida Park, the Kentucky Park, and Glen Rose Park are included in the list, situated in Plant City Florida, Cave City Kentucky, and Texas respectively. The parks feature over 150 life-size dinosaur sculptures created by Christer Svensson, in November 1998. The parks are family friendly and include many activities for children, like playgrounds and picnic areas, etc.  Plant species that date from the time of the dinosaurs can be found on the grounds speckled with visible signs. Another popular Dinosaur world Park is the “Fossil Dig” where kids can dig sands and mud to bury real fossils out. This attracts many kids because they find digging interesting.


  • Dinosaur Park, Münchehagen, Germany is the next big thing in Jurassic world, which contains more than 220 life-sized stuffed dinosaurs, and consists of roughly 37,600 square feet of actual dinosaur tracks. The park offers a strange way of taking us 139 million years back in the actual dinosaur world.


  • Field Station: Dinosaurs is another open-air ancient amusement park on Snake Hill in Secaucus, New Jersey. The park is specially designed to look like a dinosaur burrow site. Guy Gsell, a dinosaur enthusiast, inaugurated the park on May 26, 2012.


  • Dinosaurs Alive is an animatronics dinosaur themed territory for youngsters. Rulers Island was the first park to open in 2011, while other parks opened in 2012 or 2013. The dinosaur park at Kings Island is the world’s biggest animatronics dinosaur park. Visitors are supposed to pay $5 charge to enter into the park. Each park has Dinostore, a shop loaded with dinosaur toys and gifts.


  • Prehistoric Gardens are situated in Port Orford, Oregon. The select plant species populating the arrangement were those considered to have existed around when the dinosaurs might have strolled through the zone. The plant species further include greeneries, horsetails, liverworts, cycads, conifers, ginkgos, and also magnolias and palms. Over 100 species in all were supposed to live around the region.


  • Dinosaur World (Arkansas), prior known as John Agar’s Land of Kong and “Farwell’s Dinosaur Park”, is a vocational destination in Beaver, Arkansas. It is an amusement park covering 65 sections of land, which held a hundred life-size models of dinosaurs, Stone Age men, and other ancient animals and the world’s biggest Noah’s Ark Mural. The recreation center was closed in 2005. It was the biggest dinosaur park on the planet.

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