Toronto Tourism Booming

2007 marked a record breaking year for Toronto‘s travel and tourism industry, as Toronto Tourism reported in early 2008.

TorontoThe Numbers

The city welcomed an overwhelming 10,660,000 overnight visitors throughout the 2007 year. Visitors spent more than $4.5 billion on hotels, restaurants, attractions, performing arts, shopping, taxis and meeting facilities. Hotel occupancy across the Toronto region rose to 68.3%, the highest level since 2000. Further, amongst the top 30 North American cities, Toronto moved up three spots to 13th place in hotel occupancy.

Overseas visitors contributed to a large amount of the growth in Toronto. Travelers from Mexico and China were the fastest growing international markets, with additional 15% growth of travelers from each of these countries. The United Kingdom is one of Toronto’s largest markets, and travelers from the U.K grew 2% in 2007. One reason for the increased numbers from these countries is Toronto Tourism’s active sales programs taking place in these countries as well as Germany, South Korea, and Japan.

Conventions and Business Meetings

One of the biggest generators for Toronto’s tourism industry in 2007 was the focused effort to promote Toronto as a great location for conventions and business meetings. For bookings made in 2007, it is estimated that this will produce approximately $250 million in visitor spending.

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Toronto from the CN Tower

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