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Most students are full of energy and want to see the world. However, they are often on a budget as well and are looking for a way to find cheap foreign vacations. Offering college essays for sale or working in a local pub may bother everybody. Thus, find some time to relax.

Those who cannot afford a trip around the world still have some options to make the holidays or vacation excellent and at the same time spend not a fortune on it. Read the article below to know how to make it.

 A travel scholarship

Nowadays funding is available for students all over the world. Youngsters can win grants and start studying in the colleges/universities abroad. This option is a long term and a challenging one, however, apart from travelling you will have an amazing sentence in your resume.

Cheap tickets

 Cheap tickets

There are quite a lot of budget airlines. Moreover, if you have a student ID card you are eligible for various discounts. For example, if you want to travel from the UK, consider looking at the, or offers. Check out and if your trip starts from Australia.

Labour instead of payment

This option is only for those young people who are not worried about working as staff. It is possible to exchange your work to the bed in a hostel, for example. However, it is better to negotiate a possibility of it before moving in because some places may require you to have the working hours permitted in your visa. In addition, remember that you will have to work more if your hostel has a good location.

A group tour can save you money


Some travel companies offer the discount to those people who can organize a group tour. This “group leader” can travel while saving about 50% on a flight and accommodation. Therefore, taking your friends with you is not only fun but also can save you quite a lot of money.

In addition, here is a list of countries you can visit while being on budget:


You can live like a king spending less than 15 USD per day in this country. Delicious food, comfortable hotels and easy transportation system…What can be better?



The tickets to Thailand usually cost quite a lot. However, a luxury life there is really cheap.


Greece does not have the best economic conditions, hence prices are low. This will be not only a super cheap travel but also one of the most unforgettable travel spots.


Couple on travel taking smartphone selfie photo

This country promises rich history, awesome food and great beaches.

Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica is a perfect option for people who live in the USA. This beautiful and cheap country is a perfect destination for your holidays.


The city of Nha Trang, East coast, Vietnam

This country is a popular destination nowadays. Find some time to visit it before the prices rise!


Are you trying to find a country with delicious and cheap food? If yes, consider travelling to Romania. Moreover, you can take a look at some other countries in Eastern Europe (i.e. Ukraine).

Sri Lanka

Dambulla cave temple, Sri Lanka

This country is more expensive than the previous ones, however, it is worth visiting.

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