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UAE: Debunking Myths, Misconceptions, and Perceptions

by Dr Prem Community Writer

There are a lot of things that go through your mind when you think about the Middle East. Not only are there a lot of myths and common misconceptions, but there are also a lot of traveling perceptions that should be debunked. When it comes to countries like the United Arab Emirates, they are not only shattering these myths, but proving them to be entirely wrong!

Not only does the UAE offer amazing destinations you can see all year round, but the unbelievable experiences you can have on holiday here will be unforgettable! Some of the most exciting adventures in the Middle East are in this awesome country. Take a look at some of the things you THOUGHT you knew about UAE, as well as how they are SO wrong.

1. Desert Life is Unforgiving

Footprints on desert sand in Abu DhabiSometimes, the first thing people think about when they think about the Middle East is how terrible living in the desert must be. How can you ever escape the sun? Is there any water? There aren’t any major cities in the desert! And on and on!

However, life in the UAE can be unimaginably glamorous. Not only can you travel there in style, with airlines like Etihad Airways, but you can also stay in luxurious resorts. Not to mention all of the fun things there are to do in extraordinary cities like Dubai! Sure, if you’re stuck out in the sun anywhere it can be unforgiving, but life in the UAE isn’t all sand dunes and dry heat.

2. The Middle East Isn’t a Tolerant Place

Because of a FEW laws in other countries that other cultures may consider quite restricting, many people perceive the Middle East as being an intolerant place. However, that isn’t the case! You can find an incredibly diverse group of people in the UAE. From millionaires, to travelers, to locals, to ex-pats, there are wide a variety of people who live here!

There are many big differences between Middle Eastern countries. Just because you find restrictive laws in one, doesn’t mean you will see them in every country. Much like shopping for Cheap Flight Tickets on holiday, no two deals are the same. Not all places in the Middle East are alike!

3. There’s Nothing to Do in the UAE

 Bask-in-the-sun-on-the-beautiful-beachesAll things considered; this has to be one of the silliest misconceptions about traveling to United Arab Emirates. All over the country, as well as throughout the city of Dubai, there are a wide variety of activities, historical sites, as well as cultural experiences! Don’t limit yourself to what you think you know about the Middle East!

Here are just some of the fun things you can do in Dubai alone:

  • Visit a Rainforest
  • Go skiing indoors (Yes, an indoor ski resort!)
  • Visit the many sky scrapers!
  • See the man-made islands!
  • Go to a water park
  • Bask in the sun on the beautiful beaches!
  • And so much more.

Don’t think that just because of where the UAE is in the world that there aren’t fun things to do. Not to mention that because the weather is remarkably stable all year round, you can find incredible “off-season” deals for your next holiday.

4. Women Have to Be Covered and are Not Respected

This could not be further than the truth. Women are not only highly respected in the UAE, but all different cultural styles are welcome! There are a few places that require a “sensible” dress-code, but it is for both men and women alike. Men and women are both urged to have occasion appropriate attire.

However, it is highly recommended that you take local customs into consideration while you travel. Cultural differences, as well as social differences, don’t mean you have to cramp your personal style. Keep your travel outfits simple, respectful, as well as fashionable!

5. Breaking Down Misconceptions About the UAE!

Aerial view of Dubai skyline, United Arab EmiratesYou should never judge a book by its cover. This is true for people, places, foods, and so much more. Yet there are places around the world where people are still hesitant to travel because of common misconceptions, or myths.

However, now that you know the REAL UAE, you can start planning your next holiday. Make your way to this incredible country to experience a once in a lifetime vacation!

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