Uncovering the Best of Cuba

From one Castro to another: Adios Fidel and Hola Raul.

At the dawn of a new Cuban chief, there’s no better time to uncover, explore and experience all that Cuba has to offer.

After all, there’s more to Cuba than just their fantastic healthcare, aged rum and t shirts with Che Guevara’s face.

Easy to Plan and Extreme Enjoyment Guaranteed!

A favourite last minute getaway spot for couples on their honeymoon, university students on reading week and sun worshippers – travel to Cuba is as easy as travel can get to plan and to enjoy.

The best time to visit is December to April and through the summer – as long as you can take the heat. Most vacation packages offer 1 or 2 week stays which give you ample time to relax on the beach and soak in the sun while experiencing and really immersing yourself in Cuba’s culture, history and sights.

Uncovering the Best of Cuba: What to Do and Where to Go!

3 Things to Do and Try When in Cuba

Resort All Inclusives. All hail the all-inclusive vacations! Perfect for last minute deals – all you need to do is select your destination, choose a 2 or 3 or 4 star resort and remember to pack your snorkelling gear. Flight, accommodations, sun and sand, towels, food and drinks at all times of the day and access to other activities and side trips are instantly yours. All inclusive resort litter all beachfront property in Cuba, try to find a smaller one so you don’t have to navigate your way amongst matching blue umbrellas and tanning chairs.

A Bar in Cuba Cigars, Rum and Mojitos. Next to Che Guevara paraphernalia, cigars are the next most popular item in Cuba. From Monte Cristo and Romeo y Julieta cigars to the huge Cohibas, cigars are available in every nook and corner. Rum is also a big product of Cuba because of their long rum-making tradition; some rum is in barrels for 15 years. A mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail made of all ingredients popular in Cuba: rum, sugar from sugar cane, lime, carbonated water and mint leaves. Cuban coffee is also to die for, don’t leave without trying an espresso.

Beach in Cuba Get Out On the Water. Not only does Cuba have fantastic white “playas” or beaches, it also has magnificent clear blue waters as far as the eye can see. Many tour operators offer day trips out on the water in small boats, catamarans, sailboats and more. You can swim with the dolphins, snorkel or dive to see the reefs and tropical fish and make your way to some of Cuban’s unexplored keys.

3 Places to Visit and See When in Cuba

HavanaHavana. As the capital of Cuba, Havana is riddled with faint clues of the revolution from decades past. If you wander in and around the Capital Building, you’ll find rustic apartment buildings with colourful hanging laundry and older villas with courtyards made for horses and carriages. Cafes, hotels and restaurants are dimly lit with open window panes and for moments, it’s as if you’re Hemingway or a notorious Italian mafia boss.

Trinidad, Cuba. Located in central Cuba, this small town is a testament to the Caribbean sugar mill industries in the 1800’s. With unpaved streets, brightly coloured walls and traditional cars, you step back in time when you visit Trinidad. Nearby, you canTrinidad, Cuba visit the Valle De Los Ingenios: valleys of over 50 eerily abandoned sugar mills, slave lodgings and large mansions. Hundreds of slaves worked these fields and were bought, sold and traded here. Today, the Valle De Los Ingenios is recognized as a UNESCO site.

The Cuevas. Described as the Sistine Chapel of the Caribbean, the Cueva Punta Del Este is known for its ancient Indian art. The walls and ceilings of the caves hold some 200+ pictographs and red and black circles once used as a solar calendar. Dating back to the 800’s CE, the caves were discovered on Cuba’s island, Isla de la Juventud in 1910 by a shipwrecked Frenchman. Similar cave paintings can be seen at Cueva de Ambrosio near Varadero.

Have some fun in the Cuban sun, book your trip today.

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Beach in Cuba

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