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We all yearn for a holiday so that we can escape the stress and hassle of daily life; we are in search of a destination that provides us with a Hollywood movie-like relaxing experience. Amid all sorts of options to explore, we’d like to present our latest release starring –  Zanzibar! 

  1. Relaxation, relaxation, relaxation
     island holidays

While other countries have their unique ambiance and must-see sights, they simply do not compare to the splendor of an island beach-holiday destination such as Zanzibar.

The cluster of islands that make up the nation are known for their affordable, high-quality beach lodges and stunning, sandy beaches and crystal-blue water. The words “tranquility” and “peaceful” are commonplace; you’ll find true relaxation with Zanzibar holiday packages. 

  1. The island-lifestyle living experience 

Zanzibar is known for its friendly, welcoming locals and overall professional hospitality. These people live the relaxing lifestyle that you’re searching for and it will rub off on you immediately.

Everything that you want to do can be done on your own time –there is nowhere that you have to be. This in itself is a reason that Zanzibar is the island destination of choice. 

  1. The activities ­­
  • Watersports: snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving 

Zanzibar is one of the premier scuba diving and snorkeling spots in the world. You haven’t experienced the islands unless you pay a visit to the underwater world; it’s teeming with exquisite marine life.

You can choose your preferred service provider from many tours that will ensure you could dive, swim and snorkel. 

  • Cruise: Sunset Dhow cruises 

Does a peaceful boat ride in the middle of the pristine Indian Ocean, while watching the iconic African Sunset sound heavenly? Yes? Then you have to make sure that you book a late-afternoon Dhow boat cruise.

Stress grows fainter as the boat glides through the water until it has dissipated completely. All you have to do is sit back and sink into pure pleasure.

Your breath will be taken away by the spectacle of the Turkish Delight-coloured sun setting on the horizon. The feeling of the wind gently blowing against your face is truly hypnotic. 

  • Culture: Stone Town 

Exploring Stone Town is an absolute must for any history enthusiast – every inch of it is a prominent piece of the story of Zanzibar. You will be taken on a thrilling journey that will show you exactly why this island nation is incomparable to any other on the planet.

Make sure that you take in the unique, postcard-worthy architecture: the majority of the buildings date back to the 19th Century and although some are a bit rundown, they’re still a sight to be revered.

If you’re in search of an ultra-luxe holiday, the 7-night package at the Tulia Zanzibar Ultimate Luxury Hotel is a no-brainer.

An island holiday destination is simply incomparable; you have to go to really understand and feel the calming ambiance. All of your senses will be taken on a trip and memories will be made that will last forever.

There is no doubt that Zanzibar is a haven and a sure-fire cure for the stresses of the real world. It’s time to pick a travel package – your ticket to the perfect escape.

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