Unfriendly cities that should never be on a traveler’s list

Travelling is a hobby which is embraced by millions across the globe. People do like to travel various places on this planet. Some travel to check out places having scenic beauty or historical importance and some other just feel like travel to break free from their monotonous and hectic work life. In this write-up, you will get to know about few places on the planet which should not be in your wish list. Countries like Pakistan. Iran, Bolivia and much more like these are known to be unfriendly nations and if you have a plan of visiting them, you better look for other options.

Travelling is something which will give you fun and joy and you will always want to come back from the trip with loads of memories which you would like to cherish for the rest of your life. Definitely, you will not like to visit a place or city which is predominated by problematic situations and you will probably have a hard time out there.



According to the reports submitted by many tourists, Moscow remains as one of the most unfriendly cities of this planet. Though being an advanced place on this earth, this Russian city doesn’t hold much warmth for its visitors. Avoid making a plan to this place even it is rich with historical importance.

New York

New York City, USA

Being perhaps one of the most advanced and powerful cities of the world, the place is known for its high crime rate. Tourists do face loads of problems when they visit this place to spend a vacation. The phrase “all that glitters is not gold” perfectly justifies the unfriendly air you will find in this city.


Gorgeous shopping woman walking at the mall holding bags

If you, unfortunately, manage to land in this city, you will truly understand the meaning of the word, rude. People out here are comparatively good looking than their neighbors in the adjacent states. They don’t find a reason to be nice and polite to visitors who have perhaps come down to spend a vacation in this part of the world.

Washington D.C

Washington D.C

The capital city of the mighty United States, this city is not a very good place to be in for tourists. People do drop in there and end up getting neglected and ignored. The localities don’t find a proper reason to find nice and helpful to you if you originate from any other part of the world.


Louvre museum

Shift your focus from the States to France. Marseilles is a popular city in this country where travelers do try to avoid because of the unfriendly nature of the localities. Lending out a helping hand is something which people originating from this part of the globe are not aware of. They are pretty much confined to themselves and will only help themselves and no one else. France is a nation known for its vivid display of culture and historic importance. However, the unfriendly nature of the people of this country does put a black mark on its colossal status.

Summing up

VISITING different nation

This is somehow not the complete list of cities that showcases an unfriendly approach to visitors and tourists. There is load of them which ensure that travelers face a tough time in their homeland. Do get a clear idea of the entire list and the next time you are planning on flying down to a different nation, you better strike off few names from the list.

It falls back on the citizens of every city to welcome their guests as if they are gifted with a memorable stay out there, they would come back with a smile on their face and spread words of praise about the land. This will ensure the fact that more and more people would feel like traveling there which will automatically boost up the tourism of that place.

Well, it is never a tough job to be nice to people, even to people whom you do not know. These cities, however, have managed to establish a different frame of mind and don’t entertain any sort of tolerance for outsiders. Do surf the Internet for more of such names which you must avoid while you are planning a trip.

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