Unique and ecstatic hotel showers around the world

Consider a room with crystal chandelier, bright interiors, Italian Mosaics. What this room can be? It is not a living room or restaurant, rather it is a bathroom in a million dollar hotel that looks much ecstatic than any living room or any interior of a restaurant. Usually showers are considered a simple cabin with a curtain. Have a look at some of the best and sexiest hotel showers that will surely change your definition of a bathroom shower.

Mondrian South Beach, Miami

Mondrian South Beach, Miami

Built with a total input of around $200 million, this ecstatic hotel displays one of the best showers in the world.

The Shower: Designed by Marcel Wander, Mondrian hotel gives their guests the true essence of Miami. The shower consists of walls made of Mosaic tiles that represent the blue color of clouds and Miami’s clear sky. The unique thing about this shower is the way by which water comes out from the showerhead. The water comes out of crystal chandelier that is lit by dim lights. The bath products are of Agua. Each room of the whole hotel gives you an amazing and eye catching view of the bay and the city.

vi   shower

Viceroy Anguilla

Another on the top list is a sophisticated hotel built on Caribbean island. Viceroy Anguilla comprises of 166 classic rooms and the island is a hangout spot for celebrities and rock stars.

The Shower: Each room of this amazing hotel comprises of an outdoor shower connected to rest of the bathroom. The whole bathroom has marble interiors and sliding glass doors. One thing that will surely catch your attention is the eye catching panoramic view these shutters in bathroom give you. Shampoo and conditioners are brought from Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is always been a trademark of classic and unique products.

Alila Cha-Am,dsdsd

Alila Cha-Am, Thailand

We all know Thailand is among the most favorite spots among tourists that are looking to relax and spend their vacations peacefully. Perfect example for such place is Alila Cha-Am, which is guarded by lush palm trees and white sand beaches.

The Shower: The most amazing thing about this hotel’s shower is its quality that can give you a feeling of rainfall. Have you ever enjoyed singing in rain? Is so, then this shower is just for you. This 24 by 19 inches showerhead is especially fit with an inbuilt Bose speaker that plays your favorite music while you take shower. Designed by Dombracht, this shower is like a Porsche brand in bathroom world. You can choose your own flow of water, either in form of spray or in form of natural curtain. Another unique thing about this hotel is that it uses only organic spa products made in Bali.


Singita Sweni, Kruger National Park, South Africa

The name of Singita Sweni resort is derived from the river on which it is located. The interiors of the rooms are made using wood that perfectly blends with the African wildlife.

The Shower: The unique thing about this resort’s shower is its location. The bathtub separates the shower by a sliding glass door. The shower area is completely open to African wildlife, with baboons below you and birds chirping all around you. The river in front of you will give an eye-catching view of elephants and crocodiles along with scenic beauty. All these features of this shower area will surely leave you speechless. What can be better than bathing in between nature and with vast water in front of you?  Dermalogica supplies all the bathroom and spa products to this resort.


If you have always judged a hotel by its hospitality and comfort, then it is time to change your criteria. Judge these hotels by their unique and ecstatic showers designed to make your bathing experience memorable.

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