Urban Central Suite Beirut, spacious with some modern amenities which is attention grabbing – Review by Dr Prem

Nothing can be better ona trip if your expectations are surpassed by pleasant turnouts. This is exactly what I experienced in the Urban Central Suite hotel during my recent travel to Beirut. A starred hotel is expected to be cozy with all in-house facilities meeting the ever growing tastes and requirements of the modern age travelers. But in Urban Central Suite, there was something more, which I hardly observed elsewhere considering my vast experience in staying in some of the prized accommodations.

This 4-star hotel is located in the heartland of Dekwaneh not very far away from the airport. It is spacious with a modern outlook and its cleanliness is attention grabbing. The cozy suites and rooms are conceived by the latest architectural design to give the customer the ultimate satisfaction. A king-size bed and color television set are installed in every room with a modern kitchenette including a microwave to go with it.

I walked into a very cozy suite uniquely decorated with contemporary furniture. The layout was simply great. The bed looked like a soft nook of ultimate bliss. The super luxurious attached bathroom left me awestruck. I was convinced that it is going to be a great stay worthy of every dime spent.

Every room opens up to a balcony that gave an unrestricted and breath-taking vista of the Downtown Beirut. I was fortunate enough to get a balcony overlooking the downtown skyline.There were selected balconies for smokers which I feel deserve special mention. It is appreciable to note that the hotel is concerned with the wellness aspect of the guests too.

The food was exceptionally good and so was the range of beverages which the hotel bar had on offer. I opted to dine at the heartwarming Urbano Resto Cafe and Terrace. It served authentic Lebanese delicacies that tasted awesome. One particular dish prepared from sheep liver was simply luscious and is a hot favorite among the guests. Both the aroma of food and the restaurant milieu was pleasantly overwhelming.

Equally enticing was the Lime rooftop lounge and bar. The range of hard drinks came in an exotic variety from the headiest of cocktails to traditional shisha filled with tobacco. You can try an exhilarating drag, and I bet it will not disappoint you.

Urban Central Suite offers an amazing vantage point in context of its proximity to the best landmarks in the town. It is conveniently located within a kilometer from Dakwaneh’s primary corporate centers and just within a five kilometers distance from the famous and ritzy Le Mall Habatoor Grand and the equally stinking rich City Centre Mall.

A fifteen-minute drive from the hotel will take you to the international airport. The airport pickup service rendered by the hotel was efficiently organized and timed to perfection. No hassle or an iota of miscommunication. I landed on the hotel’s patio from the airport smoothly.

The central location of the Urban Central Suite makes it an ideal tourist accommodation to see in and around the town, explore its posh shopping arcades overflowing with merchandise in a vibrant gimmick and drive in for a bite in ethnic and exclusive restaurants. Jounieh beaches are not far off and the hotel guests never miss the opportunity to soak up in sun, surf and sand to their heart’s content.

Customer service of Urban Central Suite was delivered with unmatched perfection. The staffs were multilingual and spoke English fluently. Dedication and efficiency were too weak adjectives to describe the quality of guest services they proffered. They were proactive and could read my mind well.

I was flooded with gratification the way they took care of my wellbeing. The dedication and resourcefulness exhibited by Anna, the receptionist, deserve a special mention. She practically chalked out every bit of my travel itinerary ensuring acozy and smooth stay for me. With a smiling face, she incorporated the last minute alterations I wished to see in my travel program. This is quite an unusual feature that you rarely see in other starred hotels.

Well, my wanderlust spirit will take me to new places further enriching my lodging experience in high-valued accommodations, and I won’t be surprised if my mind reflects of this stay drawing a comparison with the other.

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