Out on a vacation? Beware of the Travel Scams!

Going on a vacation? Very nice! You must be looking for the best of the destinations to hit. Unfortunately, scammers will be on the lookout as well. They are always in search of the easy victims. As you go to popular tourist destinations to experience lovely view and stuff, the scammers go to such destinations to fish innocent travelers. Learn to spot and avoid these common travel frauds to keep your travels stress-free.



Pickpockets have their own styles of working. Some go about being unnoticed while others deliberately get aggressive on your face or do something that distracts you. By the time, you try to realize something about the whole happening; it is already too late by then. Those distractions are the trap that these pick pockets lay to dupe you. Rome is the abode of all kind of hoax stories. The “fake baby” trick is the most popular in which a woman drops a bundled doll onto the floor or into your arms, distracts you and her partner comes and gets away with your purse or other valuable.

Prevention: Do not pay attention to any baby trick; be indifferent to any sort of distraction.



Spending whole day at the most beautiful beach of Colombia -Playa Blanca, enjoying the white sand and crystal Caribbean surf, what better can you expect? While laying back you might feel a warm hand touch on your shoulders with a voice of a woman telling you to except the massage as a gift. How nice and tempting this sounds. Accept the offering only if you are ready to part with $10 in pesos, otherwise get ready for a melodramatic fight that will cause huge embarrassment to you.

Prevention:There is nothing like a free massage, it is a trap, which you do not have to fall in.



Bolivia’s largest market – La Cancha, has a congested passageway that makes it a perfect place for – “the squeeze.” The overflowing stalls and the overall chaotic condition of the market distract you and you suddenly find yourself pressed among a group of stocky men. Before you try to figure out the situation, you become a loot victim. The thugs use the congestion of the streets as a way to solve their selfish purpose.

Prevention: Pay extra attention at cross-streets, which are congested and have fast approaches and easy escape.

New York City

New York City:

New Yorkers arerenowned bullies. The CD bullies of Times Square take the travel swindle altogether to a new height. A person at a corner screams, “Check out my music!” and hands over you a free copy of his CD. He even offers you to autograph it. You being unknown to the whole situation very nicely react to the whole drama. Well you realize the actual trap when the same sweet looking person turns into a bad man and refuses to take back the CD. Along with a number of his bully friends, he starts frightening and threatening you. To stop the drama, you have to pay $10 or more to them.

Prevention: If any rapper hands you a CD, gently place it on the ground and walk away.

 Las Vegas

Las Vegas:

You visit Vegas to gamble and to have fun. You would never like to experience all the fun at the cost of your luggage. The cab swindles in Vegas are very famous. The notorious cab drivers insist on unloading your baggage at the airport or the hotel.You yield to their request because you do not have the least clue of their ill intention. While unloading suddenly he says he is in a rush and speeds away, leaving you with your lost luggage.

Prevention: Note the driver’s name, cab number, and company when you get in; god forbid if anything happens you have a remedy.


We hope these revelations will help you to escape any such swindles while you are on a trip. However, if you fall in any such trap, file a complaint. In most states, you can do this through the Attorney General’s office. This calls attention to the company so that future travelers will not repeat your experience.

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