Virginia Beach: Where great family vacations are made

With the tornadoes and endless rainy days, Canada has had its share of crazy non-summer weather this summer.

To make up for it, is bringing you to a destination where perfect summer days from May to October are the norm; the place that family vacations began.  Welcome to Virginia Beach!  

5 Reasons to choose Virginia Beach for your next family vacation

Virginia Beach is classic family fun at every turn with friendly American eateries, frozen yogurt stands, and the longest pleasure beaches in the world. 

With its cotton candy machines, boardwalk patios, mini golf, sandcastle competitions, surfing, and outdoors activities, Virginia Beach offers a timeless getaway catering to good old-fashioned family values.

Virginia Beach

1) Endless Beaches.  One of Virginia Beach’s top attractions are its beaches!  From scenic beach spots in Chesapeake Bay to the miles of resort beaches along the boardwalk, or the exclusive Sandbridge beach in southern Virginia beach – you won’t have any problems finding space for your towel or an impromptu beach volleyball game.

2) The Virginia Beach Aquarium is one of the best aquariums in the country with over 700,000 gallons of aquarium space throughout.  A journey through the aquarium’s indoor pavilion explores sharks, giant turtles, and stingrays up-close behind glass while the Marsh Pavilion looks at otters snakes, and natural marsh dwellers in the wild.   

3) Activities for the Entire Family.  There are endless water sports and land sports to take on when you’re vacationing in Virginia Beach.  Go kayaking with dolphins, take surfing lessons, sailing, parasailing or jet-skiing, or try hike-in camping at False Cape State Park or First Landing State Park, just on the outskirts of Virginia Beach.  

Colonia Williamsburg4) Colonial Williamsburg will turn any kid into a history-lover.  Only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Virginia Beach by car, once you step into this 18th century town, you’ll get lost in the history, amongst the women with bonnets and men with muskets and wigs.  Re-live the experience on Travel with us to Colonial Williamsburg.

5) Great Seafood, Green Seafood.  Cuisine in Virginia Beach is as fresh as it gets, with lots of local seafood and fresh ingredients to be enjoyed.  Also growing in popularity is Virginia Beach’s Sensible Seafood program, spearheaded by the Virginia Beach Aquarium, to promote sustainable seafood consumption.  Restaurants like Waterman’s Grill and Croc’s 19th Street Bistro are just two of dozens of locales promoting eco-friendly eating in Virginia Beach.

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