Visit ancient Roman Baths in Bath, England

Roman Baths in Bath, England. Photo by Gizelle Lau.
Photo by Gizelle Lau.

Before it was known as the city of Bath, this small town was known as Aquae Sulis or “the waters of Sulis” by the Romans 2,000 years ago – making it one of England’s oldest tourist destinations. 

The Romans discovered the hot springs of Bath in 43 AD and then gradually built Roman-style bathhouses, temples, and infrastructure around the hot springs and River Avon for the next few hundred years.  When the Romans withdrew in the early 400’s, the baths were little used.

It wasn’t until the 1500’s that the city was rediscovered as a spa and wellness destination.  The baths were renovated and the hot springs began to attract British aristocracy for their healing properties. 

When you visit today, be sure to visit the Roman Baths – the best example of what Bath was like when it was a Roman spa resort – including the large open-air Great Bath area.  Nearby the Roman Baths, you’ll find the stunning gothic Bath Abbey as well as quaint shops and cafes.  For those interested in bathing in the natural hot springs of Bath like the Romans did thousands of years ago, visit Thermae Bath Spa (

Located in Somerset county in England, Bath is located just over 2 hours from central London but is usually seen on a day trip to other popular attractions like Windsor, Oxford, and Stonehenge. 

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