Visit Marrakech, Provence, Tuscany for Gourmet Cooking Class

Rhode School of Cuisine

Love gourmet food? Do you eat only fresh pasta and imported olive oil? Know the difference between a pinot noir and a red Burgundy? Automatically know whether the foie gras you’re eating is from a duck or a goose? Then this holiday is for you – the gourmet traveller looking for a luxury vacation with picturesque settings, beautiful landscapes and post-card Europe.

Indulge in Food, Wine and Culture with the Rhode School of Cuisine

Rhode School of CuisineThe Rhode School of Cuisine specializes in French, Moroccan and Italian cooking schools at on-site locations in the French Riviera region of Provence, France; the picturesque Italian region of Tuscany, Italy; and the beautiful and exotic Marrakech oasis in Morocco.

Travelers, guests and participants in the Rhode School of Cuisine are able to experience the destination by becoming part of the surroundings and indulging in the region’s food, wine, markets, fruit and vegetable stalls and other cultural experiences.

Going back to school won’t be so bad! During the one-week long course, Rhode School of Cuisine students learn to prepare, cook and present the traditional dishes of the area: from dishes like duck confit and foie gras to making your own pasta or couscous. Non-cooking guests are also welcome!

Rhode School of CookingLuxury Villas, Palazzos and Accommodations

It gets better and better. Not only will you have the gourmet food holiday of a lifetime, but participants in the Gourmet Cooking Classes are invited to stay in luxury villas and palazzos in the countryside and by the coast. Imagine sharing a meal on the outdoor terrace at Le Mas des Oliviers luxury villa in Provence, overlooking the Bay of Cannes and hidden within the red-cliffs of the Esterel. In Marrakech, you’ll cook at the Dar Liqama villa outside Marrakech. It is sheltered by city walls, palm trees in the sandy earth and the snow-capped Atlas Mountains a little further off.

Excursions and Activities

Rhode School of CookingBeyond the classroom – or the kitchen – excursions and activities in the regions are also arranged. In France’s Provence, visit the museums of Picasso or Renoir, visit the many chateaux that litter the areas, the open markets and perfume factories and of course, a few cheese farms or wine vineyards. While in Tuscany, excursions include visits to olive groves, Chianti wine tasting classes, a visit to Pisa, and stops through Tuscany’s beautifully medieval towns. Excursions in Marrakech are not to be missed: from market shopping for ceramics, pottery, rugs and fabrics to camel riding and tea time in Africa – this is not an experience to be missed.

The prices of the tours range from $2400 for Tuscany and $2000 in Morocco.

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