Visit the Friendship Hut: Teriya Bugu in Mali

From the mystical villages built on cliffs’ edges in Dogon Country to the legendary ancient city of Timbuktu, which has long been synonymous with “a place unreachable,” the wonders of Mali never cease. In the midst of this fascinating nation, lies another prized treasure – Teriya Bugu.

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Teriya Bugu, Mali offers a thrilling eco-adventure

Teriya Bugu is a thrill for eco-tourists, who are environmentally and culturally aware. A tour to Teriya Bugu, which exemplifies sustainable tourism, is green travel at its best. Born out of the vision of two unlikely friends, Father Bernard Verspieren, a French priest, and Lamine Samake, a Bambara fisherman, Teriya Bugu, which means “friendship hut,” is an “oasis in the heart of Mali,” and is one of the most completely self-sustainable villages on the African Continent.

The community cultivates crops, rears livestock and produces honey for its needs and for sale in local markets. Villagers also generate renewable energy sources such as solar energy, biofuel and biogas to sustain the community, in addition to the help of enthusiastic visitors and vacationers. Teriya Bugu was one of the first places in Africa to install solar panels to harness the light and radiant heat from the sun to operate water pumps among other uses. While crude oil prices may have the rest of the world running out of steam, Teriya Bugu has not been out of gas, as they “transpaille,” fermenting animal waste and dried vegetable compost into methane gas.

Teriya BuguVisiting Teriya Bugu, an oasis in the heart of Mali

Recreational activities for residents and vacationers include: water sports on the adjoining Bani River, strolls through the arboretum, visits to the mini-zoo and tours of the museum, which feature Malian culture and the life of Teriya Bugu’s founder, Father Verspieren.

Accommodations consist of individual, self-contained and comfortable chalets decorated with Malian art, together with a restaurant overlooking the Bani River.

In addition to mysterious Timbuktu, one of the 5 Hottest Places in the world, the fascinating Dogon Villages, Djenne Grand Mosque – the world’s largest mud-brick architecture – and the bustling markets, there is the enchanting Garden of Eden village Teriya Bugu in Mali. 

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