What the Hay brings top best hay sculptures to Utica, Montana

Taking place on Sunday, September 13th is one of the world’s most unique events: What the Hay.

Finding Haymo“What the Hay” features larger-than-life sized sculptures made of bales of hay.  Past giant hay sculpture themes have included a giant depiction of “Bett-Hay Boop” (cartoon character Betty Boop); Nemo & Dora from Finding Nemo; and a “un-hay-corn.”

A fun family & community event, the annual What the Hay contest is organized by the Utica Rod and Gun Club, sponsored by local businesses and private individuals.  It takes place during the Utica Day Fair in Russell Country, Montana.  Last year, there were more than 50 entries from all over the country, including participants travelling all the way from California, New York, and Arizona.

Displayed between Hobson and Windham (Highways 239 and 541), anyone driving through and nearby Utica during this weekend will be able to see hay sculptures.  

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Photo coutesy of Mike Harrelson/Travel Montana.

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