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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company

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Hiring a moving company is not as easy as choosing the first company that come up in the Google search result when you search for moving company. Actually, there are a lot of considerations you need to take into account to ensure that you choose the right moving company. The relocation company should provide a pamphlet that provides information about the moving services.

It’s always in your best interest to hire a moving company that is insured. If the moving company claims to be insured, you should ask for the name of the insurance company that insured them and their insurance policy number. It is best to hire a moving company that is equipped with their own equipment to carry out the relocation. Smaller relocation companies may outsource to a subcontractor who will supply the moving equipment. You must find out whether it is the same moving company that will provide the unpacking services, and storage facilities.

If you can’t have access to the new address temporarily, you should ask them if they will let you keep your stuff in the van overnight. Many moving companies offer storage facilities at additional fees. If you plan to have your items stored at the storage facility temporarily, it is suggested that you pay a visit to the storage facility to check whether it is secure.

You should request for an estimate quote from a few movers so that you can compare the prices. They will send someone to inspect the items that you want to move. It is important that you show the inspector every single item that you want to move so that he can give you an accurate quote estimate. Besides, you must provide information on the old and new location.

You should put everything in writing including the estimates and other things that you have reached an agreement with the moving company. The written statement should provide information such as number of boxes to pack and move, hourly charges, payment terms, delivery date and insurance coverage. If the estimate quote is too expensive for you, you should be bold in negotiating for a lower price. However, you must keep in mind not to hire a moving service that is lower than the market price.

You will know the market price after requesting the quote from several moving companies. Moving services that are priced lower than the market price may be an indication that they will not be able to do a good relocation job. You should check with them to see if the items will still be under liability coverage if you pack the items yourself. You must check whether you have to use the box they provide or just any box. If it is a long distance move, make sure you ask who will be preparing the custom documents.

Many moving companies offer discounts at certain seasons of the year. You must find out how much deposit you need to pay upfront and whether the deposit is refundable in case you cancel the moving services. It is necessary to purchase a replacement value protection because you never know what will happen to your items during the moving process. Without the replacement value protection, the movers will only compensate you about 60 cents for each pound of the weight of the damaged item. This means that you only get back a few dollars of compensation if an item worth thousands of dollars is damaged in the moving process.

The moving company should provide a brochure containing detailed information on the replacement value protection, such as the procedure for filing a claim and the timeframe for filing a claim. Before hiring, make sure you spend some time to do research on the internet and see which moving company offers high quality moving services. You can ask friends for references on the moving company that they recommend. You can call the number on the references and visit their websites to find out more information. You should also do research on the database in the BBB website to see if the moving company is listed and what type of rating it is given. If the moving company has a lot of complaints at the BBB site, it means that they are unreliable and you should look for another reputable moving company.

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