Why Flying Private is a Smart Choice

Flying Private

A lot of times, people think that flying private is reserved for the uber-rich. Such a notion is in actual fact not the case, and if anything, private flights offer many benefits ordinary citizens would enjoy if only they were aware of them. Also, flying private is not as costly as one would think either. Consider the following situation:

A flight trip going first class from Boston, MA to London, UK over a weekend costs roughly $19,500 on the major trans-Atlantic airlines. However, a similar round-trip flight from Boston, MA to London in the UK on a private jet charter such as London Jet charter would cost $150,000. That seems more expensive at first, but here is the key factor to consider. There is a minimum requirement of 15 passengers on many private jets, which would bring this cost down to a lower amount of $10,000 for each.

That is considerably less than the commercial price, isn’t it? Just one factor to consider on being smart with one’s money.

Not only is flying private not as costly as anticipated, here are three good reasons why taking a London private jet is better to going commercial in other ways.

Not Wasting Time with Unnecessary Waiting

Flying Private

Think about the last time you flew on a commercial airline, or better yet, keep track of this the next time you do so. How many minutes or hours did it take for you to commute from the airport, go through security, and then take-off? What were your experiences at immigration and customs checks like, as well as the time it took to wait for all passengers to board? Was it a long wait for your luggage after you arrived at your destination?

There are many myths about jet charter but it’s not always true. Flying on a London jet charter completely cuts down on these average wait times and the time it takes to finally take-off in the first place is usually only around several minutes. There is no longer a process of arranging seats and waits with other passengers, rushing from one passage gate to another to prevent missed flights or landing and having to find transport to your hotel, etc. When you land from flying private, a car greets you to take you to your final destination with minimal hassle.

Another often forgotten about reason for individuals to book a London private jet rental is that you will have access to more convenient airports than large commercial airliners. The frequently overlooked short runway or private airports are accessible by only private craft. This helps you cut down on time wasted commuting, too, as private airports are almost never backed up by inbound or outgoing traffic.

Making Flying a Comfortable Experience

If you are going to be spending numerous hours, if not days, on an airline, why not make it a good experience for you and your travel party? In a commercial airline, you are treated as a number that paid for a ticket and is stuffed into a seat with minimal accommodations. When flying on a private jet, you are valued. There are catered meals, space enough to sleep, entertain, get in some business, and for those flying in bizliners, your own flying apartment furnishings as well.

Commercial airports are famous for having lots of germs. From the seats in each terminal to the thousands of passengers crossing through the indoor network of gates coming from all over the world and, of course, the many sick individuals, including the crying baby sitting next to you on the commercial plane itself. You are surrounded by microbes that have been carried far and wide across many nations.

What does that mean for you? Well, a higher rate of contracting a bad concoction of these for starters. Many times, in the news, we see situations where airports must be “quarantined” to prevent the spread of especially harmful viruses coming from contagious zones in the world. Just look up “Ebola epidemic” to refresh your historical memory. It is hard to fly comfortably when by the time you get on your return trip back home, you are starting to feel woozy from something awful that you inhaled.

That is the price of flying commercial, and all too often travellers forget about how this can impact the whole of their journey. It is hard to enjoy the sauna and spa when you are lying in bed with a cold head. Not to mention, upon returning back home, you have all that catch-up to get used to, and your body is in no condition to be out and about. Flying on private jets such as Paramount London Private Jet hire helps reduce your exposure significantly. With only a dozen or so people on board your aircraft, your travelling days are not only more well suited to yourself, but germ-free.

Get Back Your Privacy

Flying Private

Flying private is described this way for a reason, you are flying in complete privacy on your own, or with very few others. Upon arrival at your terminal, you are minutes away from getting onto an aircraft without having to veer through crowds and lines. Then, upon boarding, you are free to behave as if it were your own place – not sandwiched between hundreds of others in a jam-packed germ-filled environment. Also, if you are discussing business, you don’t risk compromising sensitive information when talking out loud with a fellow colleague.

Something to consider in a similar setting when you fly on commercial airlines, the airport internet provided consists of public networks and not secured encrypted ones. One of the prime targets for hackers and data-thieves is to go to public places where people are accessing the internet on loosely protected networks with minimal security. In contrast, on private jets, you are on secured private connections that perform much better as well. For those wishing to delve into work matters, flying private ensures that your company’s information stays confidential.

If you have been itching to get on a private flight the next time you need to travel abroad, consider the many benefits that go along with it. Companies such as Paramount Business Jets welcome experimental flyers that are wondering what the experience of flying privately would be like. Their team will provide you with information on their flights, services, and accessories to make your trip marvellous. They can also look into the best pricing options, so that you can plan your trip ahead of time and get the most befitting itinerary to your preference. For those looking for reputable private airlines, London private jet charter flights are available.

There is so much to gain that cannot be experienced flying on large commercial airlines. Being an informed flyer can ensure that you do not have to deal with losing out on opportunities that would be most auspicious for your flying trips.

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