Why use a travel agent to plan your trip or holiday?

Why should you use a Travel Agent to help plan your next holiday or vacation?  There are a number of pros and cons – from expertise to saving money, getting the best out of your holiday and suiting them to your needs.  How it works.  Today’s Travel Agents are generally paid a fee for the services they perform for you, most Agents charging a service fee or around $100 or less per person  to organize all the details for your trip.  Previously, most travel suppliers (hotels, attractions, airlines and etc.) paid Agents to recommend their products and by offering them a commission.

On, you can connect with over 100,000 travel agents worldwide on our Trip Builder to get the best deals, airline fares, hotel rates and travel packages.Personalized service.  Travel Agents act as your official representative when trying to arrange anything from a local car rental, to airline seats, hotel accommodation, travel insurance and literally anything you need to make your trip the best possible experience it can be.Travel expertise and help with planning.

Travel Agents are your defense against the myriad of choices: how to get from one city to another, what tour package offers the best value for dollar, which destination offers the best scuba diving in August – Travel Agents are here to make you happy about your travel arrangements.

Need a limousine tour of Rome, a motorcoach tour through the Canadian Rockies, theatre tickets to a top Broadway show in New York, tickets to Disney World or flights to Australia?  Whatever you need in the world of travel, a Travel Agent can take you there!

Save you money and headache.  Travel Agents can negotiate air, hotel, car and other providers on your behalf and usually save you more than the cost of their fee in overall savings.  They can often offer services you didn’t even know existed, such as: alternative airlines, hotel specials and other “deals” they hear about daily through their numerous travel industry contacts.  Their invaluable advice can save you hours of internet searching and planning with oftentimes better results than if you would have done it yourself.Already an expert?  If you are travelling somewhere that you visit often or frequently and you know all about the hotels, restaurants, attractions and costs, you may chose to make the arrangements yourself.  However, for a more robust trip itinerary, you may want to make you bring a great Travel Agent on board to assist.  They are generally worth every penny of their planning fee.

Sure, you handle your own travel planning, legal work or accounting but utilizing a Travel Agent, professional lawyer or accountant is your best approach to assure your long term satisfaction to ensure that you are getting the best for your needs.Specialized knowledge, expertise and deals.  Looking for a European getaway?  Cruise to the Caribbean?  Extended golf holiday?  Corporate travel?  There’s a specialized travel agent for all your needs.  Cruise specialists can provide “first hand” information on various cruise options to meet your needs.  They may also be able to offer “cruise specials” not normally available to all regular Travel Agents.  Thinking about a Caribbean holiday?  Find a “destination specialist” in that beautiful part of the world, a Travel Agent that specializes and has special knowledge on those Islands or ones you are interested in.A specialist for every travel type.  Are you a golfer that needs help selecting the right course and destination for a future trip? Are you a senior traveler with special needs to consider when traveling?  Are you traveling with a large family and want to find the right resort for everyone to enjoy?  Are you on your own and want to find some “singles” places to visit for fun?  All of these requests can be coordinated by the right Travel Agent – one that has the knowledge and experience for the type of travel you are looking for.

One of the best ways to find the right Travel Agent for you is to search through the hundreds of thousands of Travel Agents listed on  Click through to each Travel Agents’ web sites and select the Travel Agency that looks right for you – the one that appears to be able to satisfy your needs – whether it be your special interests, destination choices or their location in your community.

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