Why you should go on a cruise holiday or vacation

It’s often said in the cruising community: once a cruiser, always a cruiser.  In fact, on’s Trip Request system, we get more cruise quote requests than we can handle!  From Europe cruises, Mediterranean voyages, to Caribbean cruises, people just love to cruise.

So for the basics on cruise travelling and why cruises are actually pretty great, read on!

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Why You Should Go on a Cruise!

All-Inclusive Packages. The all-inclusive nature of most cruises is pretty unbeatable, and it also means a little less planning for your busy schedule. Once you book your trip, and transportation to and from the launch site, the rest is easy. You won’t have to call 5 different hotels or confirm and reconfirm reservations for restaurants. Room/board, meals and snacks, on board activities, entertainment, and cruise transportation fees are all included – so you get to take a break and relax – which is what your vacation should be like!

The Controlled Costs. Since cruises are all-inclusive when it comes to your room/board, food, and transportation, you save quite a bit as it is. For those who want to spend more on external sightseeing day trips, a little bit of a fancier meal on the cruise, or souvenirs, it’s up to you! When cruising, it’s easy keep costs low, but you also have the freedom to customize your trip via excursions and activities, depending on your budget and goals.Goofy

No More Transportation Woes. Cruises are a definite plus for parents with kids and those with larger parties. Besides getting to and from the dock, you won’t have to worry about shuffling kids through flight after flight, in and out of hotels, or through different cities. You won’t have to hear the usual complaint: “are we there yet?” because the cruise offers tons of fun activities for kids during the ride. You can visit lots of different locations and getting there can actually be enjoyable!

Unpack and Pack Once. Since the cruise liner is a moving hotel, restaurant, and your main form of transportation, you won’t have to unpack and pack every time you reach a new destination. You’ll get to visit a handful of great destinations and will only have to unpack and pack once.

Entertainment and Activities. Lectures and educational sessions, as well as lessons for all kinds of skills are available for kids, adults, and older folks! Salsa dancing, yoga, keyboard lessons, or culinary classes, are available on many cruises. Some cruise ships offer Cirque du Soleil and Disney shows for entertainment. There are also casinos, pools, theatres, Vegas-style performances, and so much more. That’s not to mention all the new people you’ll meet at dinner, on the pool deck, and while on your excursions!

Wake Up Somewhere New Every Day. For some people, it’s plain and simple why cruises are so great – because every day you gaze on a different horizon and find yourself somewhere new. When you wake up, you see the ocean or find yourself at a new port in a new exotic location – and then get to experience those locations for yourself, without having to worry about hotels or moving to the next location.Bedroom

Feel Like a Star. The customer service and hospitality on cruises are legendary. You get treated like a star; your beds are turned over every day, fresh with mints will be waiting on your pillow, you’re sure to become friends with your waiters/waitresses, and cruise staff are at hand all hours of the day.

Some cruise lines also offer themed cruises, including golf, wine and food, architecture and history, and photography. So, for these reasons and more, the bottom line is that cruises are great for everyone because they are geared to meet the needs of all age brackets and interests.

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