Why you should go visit a spa

Contrary to what some may believe, spas are not such a new concept.

In fact, many aspects of the spa experience, such as the practice of social bathing in hot springs and mineral pools have been used by numerous cultures throughout history for the purpose of increasing health and relieving pain and disease. The word “spa” itself is thought to originate from the town of Spa, in Belgium, where thermal springs have long been used for healing purposes.

Spa VisitIndulge in relieving stess and the pursuit of wellness

Today, increased luxury and incredible technological advancements give us even more reasons to visit a spa. While indulgence is still high on the list, these days, the #1 reason to spa is for stress release and the pursuit of wellness. It is a medical certainty that negative stress can lead to a number of medical conditions and illnesses, and it is a well-accepted fact that spas can help relieve stress. From there it’s not a great mental leap to conclude that spas and spa treatments can help lesson the potential for developing certain medical conditions.

Massages, which continue to be the most popular spa treatment, have a number of health benefits that go even beyond the reduction of stress, including the improvement of blood circulation, aid with pain management, and the simulation of the lymphatic system, which helps carry away the body’s waste products. Couples massages, which are increasing in popularity, are therefore a great way to share a special experience with your significant other while doing something beneficial to your health – does it get any better than that?

Additionally, more and more spas are offering alternative modalities such as Touch Therapy, Ayurvedics and Hydrotherapy believe to help prevent certain medical conditions and diseases. Many spas, especially those of the destination category, will also offer specific programs tailored to fit your health needs, dealing with anything from sleep problems to the quitting smoking.

15 More reasons why you should visit a spa

So whether you’re looking to reap the physical benefits, psychological perks, or both, here are another dozen reasons to visit a spa:

  • Time for yourself, aka. “me time”
  • A romantic rendezvous with your significant other
  • Bonding with your mother/daughter/sister/girlfriends
  • Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, new job or any other special occasion
  • You’re launching a new beginning
  • You need to lose a few pounds
  • You’re having problems with sleep
  • You’re looking to improve your skin
  • You feel like you need to detoxify
  • You want to kick start a new healthy lifestyle
  • You have a special event you want to look refreshed and glowing for
  • You promised yourself you’d try something new this year
  • You’re seeking advice on nutrition, fitness, lifestyle balance or stress control
  • You’ve heard rave reviews from your friends or business associates
  • You’re taking care of yourself for the people who love you

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