You will remember these locations in Florida Keys for a lifetime


These islands were a hangout for the pirates until 1822, when the US navy built a base in Key West. As you know these are a group of coral islands that stretch more than 100 miles towards Cuba. Reaching the southeast tip of the US, highway US 1 crosses 42 bridges through these islesand offer a spectacular views.

Hemingway House

Hemingway House

Image Source : HemingWayHome.Com

The Hemingway house is a museum today, it’s open throughout the year. There is a tour conducted every ten minutes, following which you can stroll the place at ease. Ernst Hemingway became the owner of this house in 1931. It is said that he completed 70% of his life work in this house; he occupied it until 1940. The interesting part is that the cats seen in the premises are the descendants of Hemingway’s’ pet cats. The furniture in the museum is the same that Hemingway used.

Southernmost point in the US


Key West in Florida Keys in the southern most end of United States. Cuba is just 90 miles from the last point. A huge marker is built around the seafront, which is in fact one of the most clicked places in the isle. Visiting this place is exciting as it is the extreme end, naturally it will be a remembrance for a lifetime and story to tell your kids or their kids.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park

The Everglades National park in Homestead offers spectacular sights and house fourteen endangered and rare species. The park has 1.5 million acres of swamps, probably that is the reason the rare American crocs are happy here. The rare species also include the Florida panther and the West Indian manatee. Capture the ample wildlife of the park from the Flamingo water trails, the diverse ecosystem of the National park is worth exploring.

John Pennekamp State Park

Diver over coral reef

It is a must visit location for those who love diving and snorkeling. You probably might know that people who know how to swim can do snorkeling. You can opt for “how to snorkel” classes and hire equipment for experiencing the thrill of it. You can see a variety of aquatic life when you dive in this National Marine sanctuary. The park is the only location in the US where living coral is found and it was the first underwater national park in the US. The glass bottom boat tour is a truly amazing experience to witness the marine life without getting wet.

I believe every America must visit the Florida Key islands at least once in their live. Once you witness these amazing places, you will spontaneously re-visit them to re-experience the fun.

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