World’s best fountains that attract travelers

Fountains have been used for beautifying our surroundings for ages. They help in enhancing the outdoor ambience of gardens, parks and even the lawns of houses. The tourism industry has used fountains at many parts and regions of the world to attract the travelers. Technology has helped architects and designers plan beautiful fountains that can dance with music and lights. Due to the dire condition of the environment, it has become necessary that the water used by designer and decorative fountains are recycled and reused so that our water resources are not wasted or misused. Modern architects are giving importance to building fountains that use water carefully without polluting the environment in anyway. In the following, you will find out a list of the five most wonderful fountains in the world.


The Fountain of Wealth, Suntec City, Singapore:

The Fountain of Wealth was built in the Suntec City Mall not just to draw the attention of potential shoppers but also to attract luck and wealth. It was made using Feng Shui techniques so that it impresses the gods of luck. The base of this lovely fountain is no less than 16,831 sq meters. The Fountain of Wealth is around 30ft tall. The rim of the fountain is made of bronze. There is an underground restaurant just beneath the Fountain of Wealth and people can see the fountain ring from there.


Big Wild Goose Pagoda Music Fountain, Xian City, China:

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda is the perfect setting for the Music Fountain in Xian City of China.  A religious visit to the pagoda can turn into a magical evening with the dancing fountains. The fountains rise and fall with the music played with them. There are 22 different water sprays and they create a magnificent view together. You can also see fire rising from the holes of the water sprays.


Fontana de Trevi, Rome, Italy:

The Trevi fountain is an iconic example of baroque style fountains. Built to represent the different moods and conditions of the sea, the Fontana de Trevi is around 25.9 meters high or 83 feet. The bottom of the fountain is a symbol of the sea. The sculptures of Neptune, the sea god and the tritons can spellbind anyone. Legend says that tossing a coin into the fountain with your back towards it will help you come back to Rome once again.

World Tallest Fountain in Jeddah 009

King Fahd’s Fountain, Coast of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia:

The King Fahd’s Fountain or the Jeddah fountain in Saudi Arabia is the tallest fountain in the world. Its coastal position makes it look more stunning. Visitors from all over the world come to visit it. The water of this fountain rises as high as the Eiffel Tower with the speed of 233mph. It has to be maintained everyday and there are other maintenance schedules that professionals handle so that the water pressure and saline levels are perfect.


La Joute Fountain, Montreal, Canada:

The famous artist Jean Paul Riopelle had designed and built this unique fountain in the year 1969. It is a kinetic sculpture fountain. A ring of fire surrounds the pool but the fire lasts only for seven minutes. There are mini sculptures of human and animal figures. Water jets create dense mist by mingling with the gases and ignite the fire. The show lasts for around 32 minutes.


Many wonderful fountains around the world mesmerize the viewers, especially travelers. Every fountain needs maintenance and now even the architects who build fountains have become eco-conscious.

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