World’s Coolest Hotel Bathtubs

We are all tired with our daily hectic routine, with all the hassles of city life. We just want to get away from all these disturbances and relax. If this is your thinking then what would be better place to relax than a lavish bathtub. These ecstatic bathtubs give you a feeling of private spa in your room. Sit back in the bubble bath and admire the gorgeous view from the bathroom window. Here is the list of some of the coolest bathtubs that hotels have put just for you.

 GoldenEye Hotel & Resort, Jamaica

GoldenEye Hotel & Resort, Jamaica

Golden Eye Hotel is famous among all because of its special guests. We all know the famous James Bond but do you know that Ian Fleming wrote all his 14 James Bond novels in this ecstatic resort. This resort is famous for the footfalls of some well-known celebrities like Beyonce and Jay-Z. Another thing that adds uniqueness to this amazing resort is its bathing pavilion situated in outdoors. The cast iron tub is beautifully placed on a wooden platform in between lush Indonesian style garden. The garden has all types of edible plants like Plum, Almond and Pomegranate. A personal butler will prepare any type of bath upon your request.

 Mio Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mio Buenos Aires, Argentina

Another elite hotel that boasts off its masterpiece is Mio Buenos Aires. Unique thing about this hotel is that each bathtub placed in Suites and deluxe rooms are all hand carved. These masterpieces are created by famous Argentina based artist Mario Dasso. These bathtubs are carved out from single pieces of wood that were already destroyed by nature’s fury like by fire. These bath tubs are placed on a marble platform that are completely open to the rooms.

 Hotel Silken Puerto America, Madrid

Glen Oaks, Big Sur, CA

We all know that California is famous for its elite class and for its Silicon Valley. But apart from electronics and IT Industry, CA is also famous for Glen Oaks. It offers the guests rustic accommodations and Big Sur cabin. It provides guests an outdoor courtyard with twin claw foot tubs. These unique bathtubs are designed by Steve Justrich, a San Francisco designer. These bathtubs are more like fire pits with wood burning in it. Enjoy your bath with Vermont handmade soaps and have a view of amazing garden with ferns, cacti and touch me nots.


Hotel Silken Puerto America, Madrid

Hotel Silken Puerto is a result of hard-work of many star architects. The exteriors of the hotel and pent house were designed by Jean Nouvel. David Chipperfield designed and built the third floor. Second floor was tackled by Norman Foster. The center of attraction in this hotel is the first floor with its futuristic interiors and amazing bath tubs. You will surely feel that you are in Star Wars age. The bathtub is a masterpiece that blends into sink and floor and is all made in one skeleton.


Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Mexico

If you are planning a vacation with your love and want some romantic place, then give a try to Banyan Tree Mayakoba in Mexico. This amazing place consists of vast open air bath tubs. These are designed especially for all the couples, to give a place with romantic environment. These bathtubs are guarded by stone walls with scented candles all around. To add to these romantic moments, hotel staff will provide you champagne, dim lights and chocolate with honey bath products. This place will give you a feel of a sanctuary with 107 villas. Each villa is backed up with its own terrace and walled garden.

Summary: If you are bored by bathing in your house’s old style and dull bathtub, then try these unique ecstatic bathtubs which will surely take you in a different soothing world.

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