World’s five most celebrated Ski Destinations

Indeed, individuals who have ever hit the high mountains and slopes are acquainted with the names of the worlds most famous and celebrated ski destinations like: Vail, the Swiss Alps, Aspen, Val d’isere and Tahoe. These spots are prominent because they proffer ideal alpine conditions and a vast variety of runs. Well, at the same time, shouldn’t we think about the lesser-known inclines? For some, any ski zone east of the Colorado Rockies is recognized out of the way. However, there are places that individuals don’t frequently connect with snow, not to mention skiing, where it is conceivable to swoosh down uncrowded inclines for no less than several months of the year. The excellence of large portions of these sudden ski safe houses is they are spotted in spots where there are other attractions as well.

Want to enjoy the adventure of skies or snowboarding, try these known places of the world.


  • Mauna Kea, situated in Hawaii, is nearly 14000 feet high. It gets a sizeable snowfall every year due to which it attracts a number of diehard skiers and snowboarders from the whole world. There is no resort or lift and, since there is no groomer, this is not a place for a novice because you need to camp here if you want to enjoy the snow at its peak. You can also hire a truck for yourself and can use it for sleeping purpose but it is very expensive and slow as well.


  • Atlas Mountains of Morocco seat at the edge of Sahara Desert. They are almost 13,000 feet high above the sea level. The most popular skiing area of Mount Atlas is Mischliffen which is a on a day-trip distance from it famous city of Fez. It is not as sloppy as Swiss Alps but skiers here too can enjoy a complete package of skiing with some amazing alpine scenery.


  • When you hear the word Ski Dubai, the first thought that enters in your mind is that it must be some riding on the sands of Arabian Desert. But you must be surprised to know that Ski Dubai is an indoor snow ski destination which has five runs and offers a full menu of other activities that are all snow-based. Real snow is made at Ski-Dubai round the year, so the tourists can enjoy skiing anytime.


  •  Although Greece is known for its civilization and literature, but its mountains and slopes are no lesser than any other spot of world. The resort are of Parnassos is one of the most famous skiing spot of Greece. It is almost 5,000 feet high and is totally covered with snow. The most favorable thing is that the snow lasts till March here. This place is also very famous for sightseeing because it presents a beautiful view Gulf of Corinth and other places. Low prices and less crowded environment make it a heaven for tourists. Sure, all this makes Greece a viable itinerary addition for tourists and skiers. A climbing park and a water park adjacently face Ski Dubai which makes the adventure all the more interesting.


  • Lesotho is always very famous and a beautiful place when it comes to see snow. It is located in South Africa. The Afriski Resort is one and only place for skiing in that area and it is almost 9,000 feet above the sea level. This place actually uses snow-making machines like Ski-Dubai when there is not enough snow there due to which the Snow lasts from June to September.

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