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World’s most idiosyncratic Inns

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A few inns are more than simply a spot to rest while going for a memorable trip. Idiosyncratic outlines, unusual décor and peculiar building materials are a couple of the characteristics of the world’s most strange and unusual inns. For a genuinely important stay, one needs to break free from lodging networks and yearn to register with one of these interesting hotels to enjoy the thrill.

Look at the list of inns that are charmingly strange, out and out abnormal, or odd and sumptuous at the same time.

hang-nga-guesthouse (1)

  • Hang Nga Guesthouse, generally known as ‘the Crazy House’, is situated in Vietnam. It is an offbeat hotel in the popular tourist destination in the highlands of Vietnam. It bears an uncanny resemblance to the most whimsical works of a Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. Many tourists from round the globe come just to walk through the twists and mazy tunnels, strangely decorated rooms and above all hollowed out nooks. You can also spend a night in this inn. The interior of bedrooms is unusually attractive as is the exterior of the building of Hang Nga Guesthouse.
  • The Berlin Hotel takes quirkiness to a new level of opulence. Each room of this hotel has a different theme from the other. One room has a king bed which is further divided into two singles by a huge guillotine. Another bedroom has a bathtub made like the shape of a big plastic bag. Other bedrooms are furnished and laid out like small prison cells and morgues. The funniest thing about this hotel is that you are not allowed to use the camera in the premises because of the owner’s belief that it is the copyright of hotel architect. Therefore, you cannot take photos without some sort of precise permission.


  • Hotel de Glace is one of the most unusual hotels in the history. It is placed in Canada’s Quebec City. This hotel is open only in winter for an obvious reason that it is entirely made of ice. It is mostly popular with non-hotel guests because of its famous wedding chapel and an ice-bar. Hotel de Glance has a different number of rooms every year because the rooms are rebuilt on annual basis when the weather gets cold. The Hotel is full with snow sculptors and fireplaces too. Although it is made of ice, but comforters and furnishings makes it possible to have a good night’s sleep.
  • Srilanka’s Kumbuk River Resort is a very noticeable eco-tourism. It is located near a river bordering Yala National Park, which is rendered as Sri Lanka’s best nature cum adventure destinations. In this resort, Pachyderms roam freely throughout the park along with other species of animals. The resort’s most amazing and usual structure is made up of wood and is topped with straw roof. The straw roof is shaped like an elephant. This resort also has a luxury ‘treehouse’ along with a main lodge that is projected as a classic Sri Lankan farmhouse.


  • Free Spirit Spheres is situated in Vancouver Island and offers a strange yet interesting spin on the idea of treehouse inns. Hanging from the treetops, there are spherical rooms that resemble ornaments on a Christmas tree. Visitors in this hotel can choose from an array of spherical rooms. They are named as Eve, Melody and Eryn. Each of the spherical room is made up of a different material and has a different décor and theme. They are designed in a way that they sway with wind to provide leisure as well as comfort to the visitor.