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On Safari with a Palette and Easel: Zambia Safari Art Tours

Hear about Anthony Jones’ unique and different holiday to Zambia in Africa with Different Tracks.

“After several years of European holidays, we were looking to do something really different. So it was with a wry smile that I decided to call Different Tracks and see whether or not they lived up to their name. . .

Over the course of the next weeks we would not only experience and see some of the most awe-inspiring sights of our lives, but under Ben’s guidance we would learn how to record them through sketches, paintings and photography. . .”

Read on for more and to see these stunning pictures.

Climbing the Seven Summits of the World

The Seven Summits of the World: read about the 7 highest peaks on each continent, the Seven Summit challenge, about each peak, its difficulties and challenges and more.

Adventure Eco-Challenges with King Pacific Lodge in BC

King Pacific Lodge on Princess Royal Island in the Great Bear Rainforest in Central British Columbia, Canada is offering eco tourism adventures that gives back to the BC’s wildlife, local conservation and cultural charities.

Call of the Wild Adventures in Algonquin

Call of the Wild Adventures offers all year (winter & summer) packages for those visiting Algonquin Park in Ontario Canada: canoe, snowmobile, snowshoe, portage, horseback ride, learn wilderness survival and more!

Whale Watch On Vancouver Island this March

Pacific Rim Whale Festival takes place in March on Vancouver Island where whale watching, activities and endangered whale education will take place as the whales migrate from Mexico to the Arctic Sea.

Sandboarding in Huacachina, Peru

Sandboard on the sand dunes of Peru’s Huacachina, just outside of the city of Ica, between Lima and Machu Picchu. This small oasis has boarding, dune buggy rides, and lots of sand activities!

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