Honeymoon Guide

How To Get Married While On Vacation in the Caribbean

If you are considering running off for a destination wedding in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic and other similar exotic islands, here are a few legal things you need to know before you rush off.

Romantic overdrive: Santorini by ATV

Forget long walks on the beach – in Santorini, the most romantic way to experience the island involves a rusty speedometer, a seat for two, and the wind in your hair.

Jungle Honeymoon Thrill at La Selva Jungle Lodge

What could be more appropriate than being thrilled in the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador on your exotic honeymoon, deep in the forests of South America?

From tours through the Amazon Jungle and Rainforest, meet the amazing and exotic wildlife, take a ride down the rivers and bold lakes, candle light dinners on the water, and bed and breakfasts in the tree top canopies.

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