Casino Cruise Guide

Craps 101: Easier Than You Think!

Heading to Vegas? Here’s a crash course on how to play Craps.  As the casino game with the best odds, it’s no wonder craps is also one of the most complex games! But the good news is that craps can be as easy or as complicated as you want.

Slot Machines 101: The Classic One Armed Machines

When you walk into a casino, you’ll notice that over half of the casino floor is covered by slot machines or “slots.” If you’re heading to Vegas or Atlantic City, here’s a crash course in how to play slots!

Roulette 101: Spin Spin Spin

Heading to Vegas? Here’s a crash 101 course in how to play Roulette. Invented by famous French mathematician, Blaise Pascal, roulette has spread and developed into three versions of the game today: French, British, and American.

Baccarat 101: Counting to 9

Heading to Vegas or Atlantic City? Here’s a crash course in Baccarat, which is probably the simplest casino table game out there today. Unlike Blackjack, instead of reaching 21, you are trying to reach a value of 9 – with a few different twists.

Casino Games 101: Learn To Play & Gamble Like Bond

The first time I visited a casino, I was wide-eyed, taken in by all the flashing lights and sound of coins and chips – and confused.  So here’s a quick introduction to the many popular casino games you’ll encounter at the casino so you can play like Bond and look good, too.

Blackjack 101: Learning To Count To 21

If you’re heading to Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau, here’s a crash course in playing Blackjack or 21, which is in fact, the most popular card game in casinos all over the world including Vegas, Monte Carlo and Macau.

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