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Five Ghostly Getaways: Haunted Travel in Canada & the US

If you’re like me and can’t resist a good ghost tale, you might not be able to resist booking a room at some of these haunted inns. Even if you don’t see ghosts on your getaway, these haunted ghost in the US & Canada are worth the thrill!

Illegal Mexico Border Crossing Experience in Parque Eco Alberto

Are you the kind of traveler that thrives on getting in touch with the culture, the locals and the traditions of the destination you’re visiting?

Well, if you want to even begin to understand what it’s like to be a Mexican trying to illegally cross the border into the United States – well, here’s your chance – far away from the border just north west of Mexico City, tourists and locals can go through the experience of illegal border crossing in Parque EcoAlberto during a 4 hour night time excursion in the bush and desert.

Mystery of the Sailing Stones: Racetrack Playa, Death Valley

Located in Death Valley, California – one of The 5 Hottest Places in the World – is Racetrack Playa – the bottom of a dried-up lake in the midst of the mountainous desert of Death Valley National Park.

Racetrack Playa is best known for its “sailing stones” or “wandering stones.” A natural geological phenomenon, the stones in this dried up lake are known to move completely on their own from one place to another – with the tracks to prove it.

A hoax, you say? Maybe it’s aliens? Read on to find how the stones move!


Ballygally Castle Hotel: The Ghost Room, Northern Ireland

Do you like scary movies? Ghost stories? Intoducing: Ballygally Castle Hotel in BallyGally, Northern Ireland, in a village located about a half an hour above Belfast on the coast of County Antrim.

Read about a traveler’s visit to Northern Ireland’s Ballygally Castle Hotel’s featured attraction: its Ghost Room from over 400 years ago that tells a story about the wife of Lord James Shaw, locked in a room at the top of the castle. ..

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