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Best birding locations in Arizona

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Arizona has some of the best birding areas in the world. Arizona welcomes people across the world to see many rare and beautiful bird species. Most birding locations are located in the wild areas and the areas located near lodging facilities.

Visitors can explore the nature and the wildlife of the region. It is better for visitors to carry food and drinks as few restaurants are located in the wild Arizona. Arizona houses many parks and bird sanctuaries and some of them are:

Chiracahua Mountains


Chiracahua Mountains houses several species of Mexican birds, which include Elf Owls and hummingbirds. You can spot Elegant Trogons, flycatchers, Mexican Chickadee, yellow-eyed Juncos, and red-faced Warblers. These mountains are located in Southeastern Arizona, near New Mexican Borders. It is always open for people who love to spend quality time in the lap of the nature.

Coronado National Memorial

Coronado National Memorial

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Coronado National Memorial Is located in Cochise Country, Arizona, USA. This was established in November 5, 1952 and spread over 4,750.22 acres. Visitors can explore the years old natural cave and can spot many bird species. Facility providers offer various tour packages to their guests at affordable prices. People can spot many migrated birds and other bird species throughout the year. This includes hummingbirds, Mexican bird species, ravens, sparrows, towhees, woodpeckers, and turkey vultures.

San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Areas


San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area is located along the San Pedro River. This beautiful region is a home to about 84 species of mammals, more than 40 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 100 species of breeding birds. The region provides invaluable habitat for more than 250 species of migrated birds. Visitors can explore many archeological sites in the region and can enjoy their stay in the wild area.

Sabino Canyon

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Sabino Canyon is an amazing bird watching site as it offers an opportunity to wildlife lovers to explore the region and spend their vacations in the lap of the nature. Birders can spot many breeding birds, migrated birds throughout the year, and can explore the natural beauty or wildlife of the region.

Madera Canyon

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Madera Canyon is most visited birding area in Arizona. The region hosts hundreds of bird species and provides them a suitable environment. Many resorts located in the jungle provide special tour and lodging packages to their guests. Visitors can enjoy bird watching from their rooms.


Arizona is a perfect place to visit to explore wide species of birds. Birders can get a chance to spot rare bird species.

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