Culture Guide

The Legend of the Leprechaun

Get the story on leprechauns: legendary and mythical Irish faeries, from evil leprechauns to friendly leprechauns, pots of gold, green shamrocks, hidden treasure and more about St. Patrick’s Day.

Leap Year Customs: Seize the Day on Feb 29!

Leap year falls on February 29 every 4 years. A popular custom on this day is that women ogger a proposal of marriage to men. For its origins, history, and myth, read to find out more!

All About San-nak-ji: Eating Live Baby Octopus

Find out about san-nak-ji, a popular dish in Korea: a live octopus cut up and served on your plate, wriggling. Tentacles and suction cups often cause choking and death. Find out more!

5 Tips to Help You Pee All Over the World

Tips on how to deal with foreign bathrooms and toilets around the world when you’re travelling: the squat toilet, bidet, toilet paper, flushing, instructions, and more!

Need to Pee in Japan? What to Expect!

All about bathrooms and toilets in Japan: what to expect, instructions and “how to,” Japanese Toilet Day, flush noise making devices. the squat, bidet, woshuretto, and more!

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