Discover the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Victoria FallsVictoria Falls is known as one of the most magnificent natural wonders of the world.  Read on for an overview on travelling, visiting or tours to Zimbabwe’s stunning Victoria Falls.  

Visiting Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

The Falls stretch a mighty 1.7 km across the Zambezi River, and most of them are in Zimbabwe.  From the Devil’s Cataract on the banks of the river you stroll slowly through the Rain Forest in front of the Main Falls and Horseshoe Falls.  One of the most spectacular parts of seeing the Falls is that you will be standing right in front of the rushing water.  A narrow gorge is all that separates you from the incredible force of tons of water thundering down a height of 108 meters.  Be prepared to get wet!

See Victoria Falls from the AirYou only need a couple of nights to be able to experience the sheer beauty and majesty of this natural wonder of the world.  There are some wonderful places to stay, with my all-time favourite being the Victoria Falls Hotel.  It’s a gentle colonial giant, originally opened in 1904 and visited by royalty and heads of state over many years. Regularly refurbished, it still smacks of old-fashioned splendour.  The extensive gardens lead down to the entrance to the Falls and if you’re sitting on the hotel’s terrace (preferably with a G&T in hand) you’ll see the spray rising over the Falls bridge.

Because the Falls are so vast, the only way to see them all at once is from the air.  It’s well worth taking a trip to catch the enormity of this natural wonder, not to mention that you’ll have some fabulous photo opportunities from the air!  

Jacquie Stafford designs tours to some of Africa’s exciting destinations, and has visited Victoria Falls on numerous occasions.  For more information visit her website at

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