Five most interesting tourist attractions on Route 66

Usually road trips are relaxing and exciting at the same time. One of the best roads around the world that has inspired road trippers for many years is the famous Route 66. It has been divided in segments and renamed in parts; still the glory of Route 66 has not faded. It is often referred to as “America’s Main Street” and “The Mother Road”. The road runs from Chicago to Los Angeles. There was a time when people used to travel westward to fulfill their dreams and make it big. You will come across many wonderful places along this road where you can stop for quick refreshment or amusement. If you are planning to go on a road trip on Route 66, then you should find out all about the best, loved spots where travelers like to stop. In the following, we have discussed some of the most interesting stops on Route 66.

Dixie Trucker’s Home, McClean, III

Dixie Trucker’s Home, McClean, III:

Just where the US Route 136 meets Route 66, you will find the legendary food-stop named Dixie Trucker’s Home. For many years, this food joint have served delicious grab-and-go food to the busy truck drivers. On a highway or road trip, all you want is a reliable place for getting some refreshment and fuel. The Dixie Trucker’s Home was opened in the year of 1928. It has been faithfully serving all the tired and weary travelers who have chosen to stop at this spot.

4 Women on the Route, Galena, Kan

4 Women on the Route, Galena, Kan:

Only 13 miles of the iconic Route 66 go through the state of Kansas but when you reach Galena, you must stop at the amazing “4 Women on the Route”. It is a small sized eatery and gift shop. A service station has been restored to serve some yummy food to the hungry travelers. Do not miss the Tow Tater, which is proudly displayed outside the eatery. The character of Tow Mater in the Disney movie Cars has been created from a boom truck on the same route.

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas:

Stanley Marsh 3 commissioned for the Cadillac Ranch because he wanted it to be a roadside art. The place soon turned into a popular tourist attraction. You will find 10 Cadillac turned upside down and their front buried in sand. Each has got unique graffiti design on its body. You too can design them to your heart’s content, if you have a can of spray paint. Whimsical street side art cannot get wackier. Thousands of travelers have tried their hands at spray paint art at the Cadillac Ranch. The condition of the cars has become pitiable by the continuous art-attacks.

Wigwam Motels, Holbrook, Ariz and Rialto-San Bernardino, Calif

Wigwam Motels, Holbrook, Ariz and Rialto/San Bernardino, Calif:

You have to stop for rest and repose when the sun goes down. The Wigwam motels can be the perfect stoppage if you are passing through Arizona or California. There used to be seven Wigwam villages in the beginning but now there are only three of them left. Instead of boring motel rooms at this place, you will find lovely tepees that provide all the facilities of a good hotel room like air conditioning and bathroom.

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, Clinton, Okla

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, Clinton, Okla:

During your drive through Oklahoma, stop at the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum at Clinton. Here you can learn a lot more interesting things about the highway. They even have a drive in theater where you can watch a documentary on Route 66 at an admission fee of $4 per person.


There are many nice places along the Route 66 where you can stop for food, relaxation and entertainment. You will find many motels, museums and eateries throughout the road but only a handful them have become legends for road trippers.

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