Lone Ranger Guide to Las Vegas: 5 Hot Spots for Singles in Vegas

What better place to celebrate your single, free and wild side – than the one and only

Las Vegas? For bachelors and bachelorettes, a guys-only or girls-only weekend getaway, stag or stagette parties – there’s so much more to do in Vegas than the buffets at the Bellagio or the craps table at Caesar’s Palace.

Guys, skip the Cristal and strip clubs. Gals, forget the spas and outlet malls.

Check out these Top 5 Sights and Spots in Las Vegas, Nevada for Singles. You’ll have the time of your life, you’ll get your adrenaline pumping, you’ll experience the best of Vegas as it was meant to be: wild and free.

5 Hot Spots for Singles in Las Vegas: Where to Go & What to Do

Before you go, brush up your poker, craps, or learn about roulette so you can look like a pro when you’re in Vegas. Take a crash course with’s series on Casino Games 101: Learn to Play & Gamble like Bond. You’ll be a pro!

1) Skydive Las Vegas: Make the Jump!

Do you have the balls to make this jump? Well, our own’s Jordan, salesguy by day and daredevil by night, seemed to pass this test of manhood (see video to the right).

Skydive Las Vegas is one of the few places in the U.S. where you can do a 3-mile sky dive. It’s the highest skydive in Las Vegas and you’ll be free fallin’ at 120 MPH, adrenaline pumping while the earth gets closer and closer. Dive with a group of buddies: up to 7 pairs can jump from the plane at once, and you can even get it all on video.

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The Gun Store2) The Gun Store: Bang Bang, Shoot at Bin Laden

For true Americans, where else can you shoot a machine gun at Bin Laden? Here’s your chance. The Gun Store offers gun rentals, security classes, and a firing range. Located just a few miles east from MGM Hotel and Casino, try to visit the Gun Store during the week because it gets busy on the weekends.

For all of you old mob film buffs, this is your chance to rent a Tommy gun. Every Tuesday, ladies use the range FREE all day.

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Golden Gate Casino3) The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino: The Way it Was

The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is located at One Fremont Street, where you can experience Old Vegas, and the way it was when cowboys would come riding in the Roaring 20’s. This is Vegas’ most historical hotel and gives you the classic Vegas style rather than the mega-luxury Bellagio or MGM hotels.

Plus, it’s been the home of the Best Shrimp Cocktail in Las Vegas for the past 50 years. This trip to Fremont and to the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is not to be missed!

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Double Down Saloon4) Double Down Saloon: Home of the Bacon Martini and Ass Juice

Open in 1992, this place is the anti-Vegas psychedelic bar for “the lunatic fringe.” It’s the home of the fabled “Ass Juice” and the “Birthplace of the Bacon Martini.” Come here to drink, smoke, and gamble 24/7. Expect live music, pool, drinks to make you puke and “insane videos” that will make you puke.

However, they have one rule: You Puke, You Clean. In fact, you can buy puke insurance for 20 bucks. Needless to say, this place is not for the faint of heart. Find the Double Down Saloon just one block south of the Hard Rock Hotel.

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O'Sheas5) O’Sheas Casino: Best Pick-Up Bar in Vegas

It must be all the green or the leprechauns that bring luck at the “24 Hour Happy Hour.” If you are single, O’Sheas is the place to be. It’s like a frat party that goes 24 hrs a day 365 days a year. It features six Beer Pong tables and all the standard casino games. Everyone is here to party, and you’ll find a 20-something crowd that consists of mainly locals and people from Los Angeles and New York City.

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Have fun, stay safe, Viva Las Vegas!


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