Places that show the best colors autumn has to offer

Autumn is the season in which Mother Nature lets her artist come out on the front and bless the planet with beautiful colors. These places will prove you how potential she is when it comes to the color-play.

The Cotswolds, England


This is the best time to explore the village as most of the tourists have left by now. Cotswold is a village with a deep history. The weather is cold at this time. The cloudy atmosphere makes the makes the village looks a little sleepy but a perfect destination for autumn. The best way to explore this place is by foot taking your time enjoying the village.

Crete, Greece

Crete, Greece

If you are a person who loves to dance in rocking fests, this is your place period! Raki festivals make the deserted beaches alive with enough booze till the sun rises. These festivals go on until each and every person has enjoyed his time. The music is awesome with the free entry to a number of archaeological places have free entry. What else do you need?

Wester Ross, Scotland

Wester Ross, Scotland

This wonderful Scottish part of the world offers you the best sea food in the whole world able to fit in your pocket. Smoked salmon and lobsters are the best thing one can get after a smoking hot summer. The special food is local mushroom making the place nothing less than heaven with the view.

Gruyere, Switzerland

Mountain lake

As the legendary cheese making center, this beautiful place can melt your heart with its warm colors spreading as far as you can see. A proportion of Leaves changing their colors create a dramatic sight. From bright green color to the dull yellow color, you can feed your eyes with everything.

Snowdonia, Wales

Mountain View Snowdon

Unlike the name, this place has nothing to do this snow. Wherever you will turn your eyes to, all you will see is the color green in one form or another. With a raincoat as mandatory uniform, the combination of the bubbly water and lush green will simply make your day complete.



With the food festivals everywhere, you are more likely to get lost in Italy. Italy is world famous for the food and drinks it serves but after summer, the spring celebration is bit more special. You can sit anywhere with some yummy food in your hand and enjoy the day.

Enjoy the colors of autumn and make the best of your time in these stunning destinations.

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