Why A Holiday In Kas, Turkey Is Something So Different For Your Family


Although everyone knows about Turkey in terms of being a fantastic holiday destination for all kinds of travellers, for those holiday makers that have a family and need a destination that is going to be family friendly and offer something that is suitable for every family member, then it can start to get a little bit tough in terms of how to narrow down your search.

When it is just you travelling on your own or as a young couple, the world is pretty much open to you, as no matter where you go or what you do it is only you that you need to think about so you can go exploring and see what the world has to offer to you. But when you have a couple of kids under the age of 10 or a few kids that cover a range of ages, the needs and requirements from your holiday location become so much different, as you have so much more to think about.

From deciding on the type of holiday that is going to be suitable, through to finding a destination, region or location that is going to be safe and secure and offer the perfect environment for them all becomes a challenge, but a challenge that if you get right will make that week or two in the sun really special and enjoyable.


Turkey is the perfect holiday destination whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or as a family, as if you pick the right place to spend your days in the sun then your holiday is going to be magical.

When you are taking a family away on holiday than you are probably going to want to avoid anything too extreme or busy in terms of nightlife, which means that you are going to be looking at a balance of plenty of things to do, but also a nice quiet location that offers a few places to eat, drink and relax on some beaches.

Juggling your needs and the needs of the kids is never going to be easy, as you probably are already very aware from the daily routine at home, but when you are many miles away from home the task of finding something that meets everyone’s needs is even harder. There is often no TV to put on to keep everyone quiet and trying to find food that everyone will eat is no easy task, so life on holiday, at times, can seem very stressful indeed!

If you are looking for a place that is probably new to many regular Turkey travellers and holidaymakers then Kas is going to be an area that you simply have to visit with your family, as not only has it got lovely restaurants, some nice bars and of course plenty to see and do, but it is a traditional Turkish town, offering a mix of how Turkey used to be, with the tourist necessities that you would expect from your holiday.

With some of the Greek Islands just a short boat ride away and the fishing harbour now ready to take you there, along with offering a large range of water based activities, a holiday in Kas is not just lazing around on a beach or around your private villa, unless of course, you want it to be! Surrounded by the mountain range and offering a massive cultural reflection of historic Turkey, there are lots of history based attractions and traditional shops that you can spend hours and hours browsing around.

Although the harbour is the focus of the town, there are plenty of places to spend a few hours eating and also plenty of activities to enjoy, but with a small family you can stroll around, take your time and spend some special afternoons just taking in what Kas has to offer, which as you will know after this article, is a quite a bit!

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Article Submitted By Community Writer

Article Submitted By Community Writer

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