10 Unique Tours of NYC: Discover the Other Side of the Big Apple

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Avoid the Usual Tourist Trips in New York City & Manhattan!

There’s so much more to New York City than the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Serendipity Café III’s Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. Forget skating or a horse-driven carriage ride in Central Park, taking the ferry to Ellis Island or Staten Island, or Grand Central Terminal.

If you’re traveling to the Big Apple for your next long weekend holiday, vacation or last minute trip – then be sure to check out’s Ten Unique Tours of NYC and discover the “other side” of New York City.

From the Bronx, to Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Upper East Side – these 10 Tours of New York City will take you through the best, most interesting and unique NYC experiences that are sure to be way better and much less crowded than visiting the Statue of Liberty tourist-trap on a Saturday afternoon in the summer.

10 Fun & Unique Tours of NYC: Discover the Other Side of the New York City

1. Millionaire’s Mile, Fifth Ave & the Upper East Side, Manhattan

Upper East SideIf it’s good enough for Madonna to scope out – then you should check it out too. These tours of Millionaire’s Mile in the Upper East Side in Manhattan give you a glimpse into the history behind the rich and famous in Manhattan; their stories of intrigue, mystery and romance; and the story behind the architecture. Approx $180/person for a 3 hour tour.

Sunday Gospel Tour, Harlem, Manhattan

ApolloWake up early on a Sunday morning for this four-six hour tour that takes you through Harlem, known as the “Black capital of the world.” Besides seeing the Apollo Theatre, Duke Ellington’s home, and having an authentic “soul food” lunch, you’ll be taken to some of the Harlem’s local African American church congregations where you’ll hear soulful gospel at its best. $55/person for the 4-6 hour tour.

3. Hip Hop Tour of New York, The Bronx & Harlem

See neighbourhoods in the Bronx and Harlem the gangsta way. Get the low-down on the history and influences of hip hop culture in NYC: from break dancing to DJs, MCs, a “show your skills” segment and getting dressed up in “bling” for the tour. Learn about the roots of Public Enemy, Sugarhill Gang and Russel Simmons. $55/person for the 4-6 hour tour.

Bob Dylan4. Follow in the Footsteps of Bob Dylan, Greenwich Village in Manhattan

For music lovers, you can follow in the footsteps of songwriter Bob Dylan. Visit the places where Bob Dylan lived, performed and sipped espresso, and sang about in many of his songs. Don’t like Dylan? You can also follow in the footsteps of Oscar Wilde who visited New York City in the late 1800’s. Free with map.

synagogue5. Hassidic Jewish Walking Tours of NYC, Crown Heights in Brooklyn

For something completely different, try taking a Hassidic Jewish or Chassidic Walking Tour of New York City. In the 1880’s, there were huge waves of emigration of Jews to places like New York City in the USA and Western Europe. Learn about the history, visit the synagogue, the Matza bakery, and the eateries of Hassidic Jews in New York City. $39/person for the 3 hour tour plus Kosher NY Deli lunch.

6. See Ghosts and Haunted Buildings in NYC, Manhattan & Brooklyn

Ghosts? Haunted houses + buildings? Take the Street Smarts Walking Tour through Manhattan and Brooklyn for a historical tour that will show you all the haunted spots in NYC. From once-murder scenes to the red light district, ghosts of SoHo and Mark Twain’s cursed house. $10/person for the 1-2 hour tour.

Gangs of New York Tour, “Five Points” in Manhattan

Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s “Gangs of New York” (and the book by Herbert Asbury), this neighbourhood has been immortalized. In the early 1800’s, a flood of Irish immigrants settled in the slums of Five Points. Hear about the real NYC mob/gang stories from Al Capone and Charles “Lucky” Luciano and the Bowery Boys, and see where it all went down. Approx $180/person for a 3 hour tour.

Central Park8. Central Park Movie Tour, Manhattan

Visit Central Park for two hours on this walking tour that will take you where tens and hundreds of movies have been filmed. Feed pigeons like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone II, go to the Tavern on the Green as filmed in Ghostbusters, the Boathouse Café in When Harry Met Sally, or skate at the Wollman Skating Rink as seen in the classic movie, Love Story and also in Serendipity. $20/person for a 2 hour tour.

Head over to Serendipity Café III, another location in the movie Serendipity (go figure!) and indulge yourself in a Frrrozen Haute Chocolate for $25,000 – one of The Top 5 Most Expensive Desserts in the World.

9. See Sex and the City or Sopranos Destinations, Manhattan & Sopranoland in New Jersey

Next to Seinfeld, two of shows that made NYC what it is today have been Sex and the City and the Sopranos. For the Sopranos Tour, you’ll take a four-hour motor coach tour through New Jersey’s Sopranoland to see Bada Bing’s, Pizzaland, the Muffler Man and other famous sites from the TV series. $42/person for 4 hour tour. For the three-four hour Sex and the City Tour, you’ll visit Carrie’s apartment, Miranda’s cupcake shop, the infamous bar where Carrie + the girls drink their Cosmos and Charlotte’s SoHo gallery. $39/person for 3.5 hour tour.

Famous restaruant seen in the TV show Seinfeld10. Kenny Kramer’s Reality ‘Seinfeld’ Tour, Manhattan & Hell’s Kitchen

This three-hour multi-media motor coach tour brings you to city sites featured on Seinfeld: visit the Soup Nazi, Monk’s diner, and more. The tour is hosted by Kenny Kramer, the inspiration behind Cosmo Kramer on the Seinfeld TV show. $40/person for a 3-4 hour tour. <3’s New York City!

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