4 Awesome Places to Visit in Greece in Winter

Awesome Places to Visit in Greece in Winter

Greece is famous for its cosmopolitan and idyllic islands with their amazing beaches and the sunny weather. What many people do not know is the fact that Greece is a spectacular winter destination as well. There are many awesome places to visit in Greece in winter whether you are interested in indulging in true winter activities or you prefer to enjoy your holidays in a beautiful city with mild temperatures. No matter what your preferences are, Greece has got you covered!

1.   Metsovo

Metsovo is a village in the Pindus Mountains. It is a picturesque place where customs and traditions are retained. Every winter Greeks and international tourists swarm in the village as they know that the locals will welcome them heartily and they will offer them amazing food and drinks that will warm their hearts. There is a great variety of attractions in Metsovo: the Averoff Gardens, the KatogiAveroff Winery, the Averoff Museum of Neohellenic Art and the Metsovo Folk Art Museum are some of them. When you go to a tavern to eat, you should definitely try local meat and cheese.

2.   Mount Olympus

Since we started talking about mountains, it would be wrong not to mention Olympus. Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece, and it is believed that it is the home of the Olympian Gods. If you are interested in discovering all the mountain’s secrets, you will need a vehicle in order to wander around and learn about its historical and natural significance. You should hire a jeep-like car so that it is easier to drive on the mountain and keep your own car away from bumpy and difficult roads. Enjoy Travel allows you to compare the available hire cars in the area so that you can be 100% certain about your final choice and book it online on the spot. Once you pick up your preferred car, you should visit the archaeological site of Dion, the ski resort in Elatochori and also admire the Venetian castle at Platamonas.

3.   Trikala

Trikala is one of the best destinations to visit all year round, but it receives a large number of tourists from all parts of Greece and the whole world at Christmas. The largest Christmas theme park, known as The Mill of the Elves, is there and it is full of fun activities for the whole family, delicious foods and cool music events. Trikala may not have a wide range of archaeological and historic sites, but it is so beautiful that it manages to impress everyone. The river Lithaios that crosses the city centre and the green spaces with bloomed flowers and tall trees take everyone’s breath away.

4.   Athens

The capital of Greece is a safe but classic option in every season. Athens is known for the plethora of archaeological sites and historic monuments. You can visit museums and taste authentic Greek food while enjoying the mild winter. If you really want to go to a place nearby Athens to enjoy the snow, you can visit Parnassus Mountain where there are ski resorts that provide excellent facilities for children and grownups to enjoy the snow, learn how to do winter sports and practice for hours and hours.

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