5 – Happiest place on the planet that you must visit

No matter how many places you visit or countries you see, there’s always a room to add more destination to your bucket list. After all, there are so many places to explore and see new things. Holiday and traveling makes our life happy, relaxed and gives us the opportunity to explore. For this, it’s very important to visit places which make us happy. But what does a happy place means? It’s a place where you find peace, harmony, good people, good food, a practical society with low crime rates and place which allows you freedom of choice? Read this article to find out some of the happiest places to visit this holiday season.

1.       Auckland, New Zealand 

Auckland is the perfect place if you are thinking about happy places. A perfect gateway for you to spend your time with peace, harmony and full of excitement. With a good standard of living, this place has the lowest crime rates with very little affluence. Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand is rich in rainforest and beaches holding the uniqueness of the city. One of the advantages of this city is it the perfect balance of the city life and the countryside. You can enjoy both, the city life and the greenery, rugged outdoor of the place in no time. This is because the place has been perfectly designed especially for the people who easily get bored living in the same environment and wanted a break or vacation. This is the reason the residents love this place so much because of the natural beauty and fresh air. It is one of those wonderful Cities which will surely make you happy to start fresh.

2.     Bhutan

In an actual way, Bhutan is the city which knows and believes in the actual definition of happiness. This place is heaven in its own way. People living in the city believe in love, peace, and harmony, this is the ideal place for you. This tiny Himalayan kingdom Bhutan has been measured as one of the happiest places on earth. You will rarely find too much sound, traffic, pollution, and population and instead get the opportunity to see people with happy faces all over the place. They are less worried, carefree, and at the same time very proud of what they are as they focus on gross national happiness. There is so much beauty in this place with lavish greenery, natural surroundings, beautiful valleys, and mountains. Those who love spirituality and wanted a real peace of mind, this place is for you as it is filled with historic temples at every prospect of the city. A perfect gateway for you if you love the peace of mind spends some time away from the city and stress.

3.     Denmark

Denmark is the city with incredibly high happiness quotient. Denmark has received distinction as having incredibly happy faces and people. A very clean, calm environment which makes it even more attractive and welcoming. One of the best parts of this place is it focuses on gender equality as it is one of the important aspects for the Danes. Denmark has an excellent healthcare system including government-supported parental support and childcare. Copenhagen, the capital has some of the attractions to visit like gorgeous majestic palaces, colorful Nyhavn harbor, the very famous Tivoli Amusement Park and Little Mermaid statue. And not to forget Denmark offers you some of the extraordinary seafood to fill your yummy tummy enjoying the scenic beauty.

4.     Aruba

Aruba, called a tropical paradise, is a small island offers you some of their gorgeous sandy beaches to set back and relax. You can also refer this as a happy island where you will find the place filled with a very happy population everywhere which naturally makes you feel happy and relaxed. Rich in its serene and scenic beauty, this place will definitely make you get soaked in the blue water and bond beaches, which are rated among the best beaches in the world. Away from the hustle of the city life, you will find peace and harmony with year-round sunshine, the gorgeous inspiring landscape. So find your way of happiness and gets ready to experience some of the most relaxed time of your life before you are 30.

5.     Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives

Talking about some of the happiest places in the world, how can we forget the Maldives?  Famous for its coral islands, best beaches, blue lagoons, and extensive reefs make it a tropical paradise. A perfect place to spend happy, relaxed and quality time. Away from the population and city lives, this place is never crowded and you will find peace all around. Enjoy the famous hut over the blue water in the Indian Ocean with some amazing private island which will provide you with guarantee fun with luxury. How about diving in the coral reefs or hiring a private yacht for a ride in the ocean. Have a relaxed, peaceful time away from city life alone or with your family.

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