Guide on Solo Travelling: Why and How to Travel Solo

Get information from the locals

Taking a solo trip can be liberating in many ways. It will replenish all your lost energy and will act as the best way to break away from the monotony of regular life. It is also an opportunity for you to explore yourself as you explore the world. A solo trip however is almost incomplete without meeting new people in the process. For the shy ones however it is no joke to talk to strangers. So in this article we have decided to make things a little easier for you so that the next time you are on such a solo trip you can make friends.

 Some things to do to easily talk to strangers

1. Be a tourist:

Be a tourist
A general human nature is to help people who are seemingly lost. So there is actually no harm in being the conventional tourist once in a while. In the process what you can do is get to know the locals and the locality a lot more. Conversations can be a lot easier and you can talk to strangers without much of a fuss in this process. You will collect priceless information about their lives in the course of time and as long as you are not annoying them you are sure to strike up a great and interesting conversation.

2. Fake conversation:

This is always one of the easiest things to do to break the ice. For this you just need to go up to the person with a made up story. It could be something as simple as, “Haven’t I seen you at the coffee shop in XYZ place?” The curiosity of the person spoken to is naturally aroused when you start off in such fashion. How difficult can it then be to make friends with an unknown world of people. You should most definitely try this method out to talk to strangers if it is no piece of cake for you.

3. Keep a gift:

Keep a gift
When you are freshly acquainted with someone it surely helps if you can make a lasting impression. Giving a gift is not only a nice ice breaker it is also a way of strengthening the bond you are developing with a stranger. There are plenty of souvenirs that are available in the markets and you can always stock up on these things. When you meet a stranger remember to give them one of these and they are sure to love the surprise. If you want to meet new people while travelling solo and also want to have a rewarding experience then do not try and save on the gifting process.

4. Express your interests:

Even when you have barely known a person while you are on your solo travel make it a point to reveal your interests. Chances are that you could end up with very similar interests in which case you can explore them together. And if by some means the stranger is averse to all your hobbies and interests then it is best to not be that introduced in the first place. So this is actually a great determiner to know if the stranger is really worth making the effort to mingle with.

5. Offer taking pictures:Offer taking pictures
This is a very normal request for a tourist to make. Yet in the pretext of this request you can end up being introduced to strangers. So during your tour offer to take nice pictures of people or with people. Few would reject the proposal and in the course of time where you take the picture, strike up a conversation and get to know the stranger better than you could have hoped for. The overtly shy solo traveler will find this tip to be possibly the most useful for him.

6. Vocabulary and language skills:

The travel destination might not necessarily be a place with your tongue being spoken. So it may be required of you to learn the language of the land and the words and the funny jokes in the local languages. This will come in very handy when you will later try to socialize and meet new people.

7. Be confident:

Be confident
When you meet new people always be at your confident best. They do not know you and so there is no reason to be humbled or embarrassed regarding something. Be at your confident self and you will see that the process of conversing with strangers will become significantly easier with time.

Reasons why a woman must travel alone at least once

Underneath the safety concerns, there is another dark apprehension that women cannot stay out of troubles when they are alone and on the roads. Well, the time has changed and women can handle unforeseen troubles as well as men can do. Traveling alone is a learning experience that acquaints an individual with his or her own thoughts and desires. It brings a candid feeling of freedom and independence that is invaluable. Dr Prem Jagyasi and community suggest why women should travel alone without taboos or qualms.

·         Lack of companion is no reason to cancel travel plans

feel free to travelHuman are social animals but you cannot expect to have one or more companions for every endeavor. There will be times when you are free to travel but your friends and family will be busy. You need not confine yourself to home at such times just because you are a woman. Men go for solo trips often for the pleasure of solitude. You can learn to enjoy your own company as well. It is a life skill that makes you self-reliant and independent. Solo women travelers do not depend on others for moving around or having new experiences.

·         Your rules, your way

Traveling with family or group pf friends can sometimes be a daunting experience. Your companions may not be on the same page as you and want to visit places where you don’t want to go. Traveling in groups demand compromise and ruins the fun of trips. If you feel a strong wanderlust inside then you must travel solo so that you can explore the places you want to visit and do the things you want to do. You also need no one’s advice regarding best sight seeing times or accommodate the desires of others. You can eat, sleep, shop, party, rise late and do pretty much whatever you please.

·         Discover a new side if the old coin

woman having fun during the tripWhen in company we are trained to act in a certain manner. Sometimes your voice gets submerged by those of others. If you have felt dominated by your fellows more than once or twice then it is time that you travel alone. While traveling alone and being the only one responsible for your personal safety you may get to discover a new side to you. The goody-two-shoes may fall off and you may learn to have fun without stuttering or feeling shy. Self-discovery is the best discovery for every individual.

·         New experiences

Traveling alone can teach you some new life skills and you have to be more alert. If not all, at least some of the experiences will be positive, enthralling and wonderful. Both good and bad experiences are necessary for your personal growth. Try to travel to places where you can do something new like scuba diving, snorkeling or bungee jumping. New experiences are the key to freedom.

·         New Friends

find new friends during your tripThough you should not trust strangers blindly, you will find new friends during your trip. People are often more helpful and kind to solo women travelers. Some solo women travelers have blogged about their experience when other travelers have bought them dinner and imparted necessary travel information.

Essential tips to travel solo and to be prepared for any travel situation

Just about anything can happen on the open road or in a foreign land and this is why it always pays off to be prepared in advance. You might end up spending the day on the beach or spending the week stuck in the bathroom due to food poisoning. Don’t let a situation like this ruin your entire trip. Below, you will learn some valuable tips and information that will help you prepare for any situation that might arise during your travels.

1.    Learning to Pack Multipurpose Gear

woman getting ready to travelJust because you are heading to a location that is supposed to be bright and sunny, doesn’t mean you should necessarily only pack shorts and short sleeve shirts. Learning to carry multipurpose gear will ensure that you are ready for any weather situation and won’t get stuck inside. Some great items to carry are pants that unzip into shorts, and swimming trunks are even handy. The pants will ensure that you are ready for cool or warm weather, while swimming trunks will ensure that you are ready for wet conditions.

2.    Keeping A First Aid Kit Handy

With the world that you live in, today modern medicine can be found in all reaches of the world, but it never hurts to be prepared. Make sure you always have a small first aid kit handy with essential items like Tylenol, eye drops, Band-Aids, scissors, anti-bacterial cream, and even a small supply of antibiotics never hurt.

3.    Always Has A Flashlight

Flashlight is essentialIt is ten times harder to try to do something in the dark. For instance, trying to change a flat tire in the dark will be much harder than changing a tire in the daylight. Tons of different travel flashlights are available on the open market. You can even purchase a flashlight that will attach to your key chain. Since you probably always keep your key on your person, this will ensure you will have a flashlight available at all times. Even the smallest light can help in the darkest of situations.

4.    Emergency Cash And Cards

Nowadays, you can just about find an ATM machine anywhere, but you never known when you might end up in a situation, when your cards don’t work. This is why it is always handy to keep a stash of cash hidden on your person somewhere. If you are traveling with student travel programs, it might even be handy to leave the cash in your room in the event that you get robbed. Having backup ATM and bankcards are also handy in the event that your primary account gets locked for suspicious activity. You would be surprised at how often this happens, if you don’t notify your bank that you are traveling to a foreign land.

A final note on tips to travel solo

Women can travel alone safely if they are a careful and follow some simple rules of safety. Do not go to places or mingle with people who make you feel threatened. Enjoy solo trips as they are the most enriching experience that you can get.

Travelling solo can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Not only will you get to see new places but with these tips to travel solo and tricks at your service you can also meet new people in the course of your journey. We hope your new acquaintances too prove to be a great experience for you.

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