7 Tips for Travelling to Peru

Tips for Travelling to Peru

Peru is a colourful destination offering a diverse culture, history, geography, biodiversity and gastronomy. Due to its wide range of diverse ecosystems, Peru offers a huge diversity of animals, as well as being filled with ancient archaeological structures and rich culture.

Travelling to Peru is truly a breath-taking and unique experience that shouldn’t be passed by if you ever have the wonderful opportunity.

1.    Understand the seasons

Before you book, double-check what time of year you are going to visit. April to October is Peru’s dry season, whilst November to March is the rainy season

During the rainy season, periodic strong showers come down for an hour or two each day. This makes the dry season much more appealing for tourists. However, this does mean that the dry season is more crowded and prices go on the rise.

2.    Bring cash with you

Peru still has a developing economy which means that not everywhere accepts debit and credit cards. There certainly are many establishments that will be able to accept cards but it’s best not to restrict yourself to only these places.

By taking cash you can ensure that you won’t miss out on the authentic Peruvian experiences.

3.    What to wear

Depending on your chosen season to travel, you will need to dress accordingly. Be aware that large variations in temperature can be experienced within the same region, and between the day and night time.

Therefore, you need to prepare for hot and cold weather, regardless of which season you are travelling. Dress in layers to prepare for the drastic temperature changes during the day.

4.    Try the coca leaves

Coca leaves have been eaten by the indigenous people of Peru for centuries and can help with a bit of energy at high altitudes, as well as help suppress hunger and fatigue. To add to that, they’ve also been proven to reduce altitude sickness.

If you’re on a tough hike and your guide offers you coca leaves to try, then go for it! They’re perfectly safe to chew.

5.    Travel by cruise

Located along the central west coast of Peru, Callao is the primary seaport for the nation’s capital and largest city, Lima. Cruise ship travellers can get off to explore the buzzing capital city offering an unfiltered experience offering a diverse culture for tourists. On top of this, the city of Lima is where a journey to the magical, unmissable fabled cloud city of Machu Picchu begins.

With Silversea cruises, you can safely visit Peru,whilst being offered exceptional service on one of their small stylish ships.

6.    Prepare for altitude sickness

Altitude sickness can affect everyone, regardless of health status. If you’re heading somewhere like Cusco then it might be a good idea to let your body acclimatise for a day or two before you go on any hikes.

7.    Avoid drinking the water

Peru’s public drinking water has not caught up with its tourism industry, so avoid sipping the tap water. Be safe and regularly use bottled water.

With this in mind, when ordering cocktails or smoothies, try to avoid having ice. You could  check with the waiter if they use filtered water to make ice, but if you’d rather not take the risk then order your drinks without any ice.

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