Best Hotel Bathroom Views

You must have been bored by your daily dull routine. Get up from bed, with eyes not even opened properly and then head away straight to the bathroom. What if you can have an amazing view of Manhattan skyscrapers or some amazing panoramic scenic beauty directly from your bathroom? In that case bathing will never be a boring and dull task for you.

Here is the list of some of the best hotels that will provide best views from their bathrooms.


Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, CA

Post Ranch Inn gives its guests a wide range of scenic view. The guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful seascapes of Pacific Ocean. The tiled bathroom of this hotel also offers you eye catching Mountain View of Santa Lucia peaks. Along with this view it also offers rugged Ventana Wilderness. If you are not satisfied with this great view then there is a perfect opportunity for you to experience nature from more close. This hotel offers you a private terrace of the Peak House where you can enjoy eye catching scenic view of outdoors by sitting in a stainless steel hot tub.


Amangani, Jackson, WY

If you want to have an amazing and pleasing view of Jackson Hole valley along with Grand Teton Mountain then enjoy it from the bathroom of this grand hotel. Amangani is a big resort with around 40 suites. Each of its suites consists of a bathroom with sunken tubs, gigantic windows and separate showers. These gigantic windows offers you an amazing view of snow covered mountain peaks by just relaxing in your bathtub.

Hyatt on the Bund, Shanghai

Next on the line of most amazing bathroom views is the world renowned Hyatt hotel. Hyatt hotel of Shanghai offers you great panoramic view of most beautiful skyscrapers of Pudong. If you can’t decide that which ways you will have an obstructed view of this amazing scene then do not worry. Whether you relax in spa tub or enjoy the rain shower, both the ways will give you this scenic view. The view includes amazing view of spheres of Oriental Pearl Tower. To give you an unobstructed view of the beauty outside, this luxurious hotel gives you a gigantic floor to ceiling windows in every suite.


Trump SoHo, New York City

You may have seen many sky scrapers in New York City by standing in front of them. Imagine you are deep soaked in your bath tub and then enjoying this view. Trump SoHo hotel gives you this pleasure. Its ceiling to floor windows gives you a perfect opportunity to have a glittering view of the vast sky in front of you. Other attractions that can be seen from your bathroom are Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and many more. The height of this hotel gives you an unobstructed view of this amazing view.


Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

You may have experienced many unique hotel stays, but this resort of Caribbean is of its own type. One unique thing about this Caribbean resort is that the rooms do not have four sided walls. It has walls on only three sides allowing you to be mesmerized by the direct scenic view of the Caribbean Sea below you. You can either enjoy a dip in your private pool or enjoy a relaxing soak in your whirlpool tub. Both the ways will amaze you by the best eye catching view. If this is not enough for you then stand on the elevated platform and look at the vast open ocean in front of you.


Tired of viewing scenic beauties standing in front of them? Then change your vision and have a look at the most scenic beauties directly from your bathrooms.

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