Five most visited places in New Zealand

New Zealand is the geographic sum two separate islands located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. Polynesians were the only inhabitants in these islands for a very long time. In 1642, Europeans first came here. The culture of New Zealand is a mixture of British and other European countries and Maori culture. Though most of the population belongs to either European or Maori ethnicity, there are large numbers of Polynesians who reside in Auckland. It is a lovely place to visit with numerous wonderful tourist sites. Some very strange events, animals and personalities are a part of the identity of these remote islands. In this article, we have listed five of the best places to visit, people to know and species to watch out for in New Zealand.


The Milford Track: 

Do not be the conventional traveler who cannot leave behind city pleasures to explore the wilderness. The Milford Track is the most famous hiking trail in New Zealand. You have to book your hiking trip at least 5 to 6 months in advance, as the local authorities do not allow too many people to hike through this region. They have carefully maintained the privacy and natural splendor of this unique zone. Fiordland is a special region, which has not been spoilt by human intrusions and retains the original magnificent charm of nature undisturbed by human activities. Expect heavy rains all year round. You will be surrounded by mountains here. Every mountain has numerous waterfalls, as there are a great number of streams, which have passed through this region.


Abel Tasman Coast Track: 

The beautiful blue ocean and picturesque coastal landscape makes Abel Tasman Coast Track a place worthy of a visit. Do not visit this place alone as you would surely like to share all the beauty of the picturesque coastline with your loved ones. Families hike here all year round. After five days of coastal trekking, you can enjoy the serene landscapes of the backcountry. The coves are lovely places by the side of the coast where you can take rest and even play hide and seek. Take your romantic partner along with you and you two will get plenty of time to just cuddle, chat and bond.


The Waikato River:    

This river has a surrealistic blue hue. It has originated from the Lake Taupo. This is a special river, as you will love to bathe in the clean blue water. Visit the very renowned Huka falls that this river has created. There is a beautiful bend on the Waikato River where the Taupo’s Bungee Jump is located. The green of the trees and the blue of the river come together so nicely that you will feel like building a house nearby and living there forever.



The remote and unique geographical location of New Zealand is responsible for the amazing bio diversity of this country. Some amazing bird and animal species are found here which cannot be found anywhere else. You can find 20,000 different types of Fungi in New Zealand of which only 4500 are known to us. Some very strange birds are found at this island country. Kakapo is a special type of bird that looks like a hybrid of owl and parrot. It is the heaviest parrot in the world that cannot fly. A survey done in February 2012 shows that only 126 kakapo is there now in New Zealand. Each one of them has a separate name. They are now being carefully observed and monitored so that the unique bird species do not become extinct.


Golden Bay: 

If you travel northwards from Abel Tasman then you will find the beautiful Golden Bay. Stretched in around 30 kilometer, Farewell Spit is a great tourist spot. Most people who visit this region come back once again for a second trip.


New Zealand is an amazing destination that one should explore thoroughly. Picturesque landscape, rivers, mountains, local legends and bio-diversity makes this country so special.

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