Celebrity Cruises: Solstice Dining Venues to Impress

per seIn December 2008, Celebrity Cruises will be launching its new Solstice cruise ship that has already been making headlines in travel and tourist news in the past few months.

The latest news and unveiling from Celebrity Cruises about their pride and joy, the Solstice, took place in early 2008 in New York City at Thomas Keller‘s three Michelin Star rated restaurant, Per Se. It was here that Celebrity unveiled the new designs, plans, and celebrity contributors who would be part of the project.

Per Se is one of chef Thomas Keller’s latest restaurants. Previous stomping grounds include The French Laundry and Bouchon in Napa Valley, and Bouchon in Vegas. Per Se opened in 2004 and a year and a half later, it received three Michelin Stars. The restaurant was designed by restaurant and hotel designer Adam Tihany.

WynnThe restaurant was chosen because Tihany was commissioned by Celebrity Cruises to design several of the restaurants on the Solstice as well as its two-level Grand Epernay dining room. This dining room will most definitely be grand: plans include a two storey glass wine tower, chandelier, and will offer champagne from Epernay.

Blau & Associates, a strategic restaurant planning and development firm has also been brought “on board” with Celebrity Cruises to help design and plan the Solstice’s 10 restaurants. Blau & Associates has helped to develop many well known restaurants at the Bellagio and the Wynn in Las Vegas.

With big names like Thomas Keller, Tihany, and Blau & Associates – the buzz continues to grow before the official unveiling of the Solstice.

What else is on the Solstice? Half an acre of grass & glass blowing: Celebrity Cruises is Floating Country Club.

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